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Home canning is not complicated. It is a simple procedure of applying heat to food in a closed jar in order to interrupt the natural decaying that would otherwise take place. It requires "processing" or "heat processing" foods according to up-to-date, tested home canning guidelines. Proper home canning includes: placing prepared food in Ball brand or Kerr brand home canning jars which are then sealed with Ball brand or Kerr brand two-piece vacuum caps, heating the filled jars to the designated temperature using the correct type of canner for the food being processed, processing the filled jars for the required time as stated by an up-to-date, tested recipe in order to destroy the spoilage microorganisms and inactive enzymes, and cooling jars properly, allowing the lids to vent excess air from the jars to form a vacuum seal. Goodman's carries a full line of Ball 16oz jars, pint jars, pint wide mouth jars, 16oz freezer jars, Kerr pint jar, Kerr 16oz jelly jar, pint glass jars, 16oz jelly jar, 16 ounce jam jar, pint size mason jars and more.
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