Origianl Kaiser bakeware, baking pans.

In 1919, Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser began production of a small line of traditional European bakeware items bearing the family name. Situated in a picturesque German village, the Kaiser Backform (Bakeware) factory has continued to produce its ever-expanding line of bakeware for three generations and has come to be respected as Europes largest manufacturer of quality bakeware for the home baker. In 1984 Kaiser developed and introduced the revolutionary La Forme line of bakeware and accessories. Initially received with skepticism by the competition as being too high-end for the home baker, the La Forme line soon won consumer appreciation and is now considered "state-of-the-art" bakeware. Kaiser is committed to creating bakeware with you, the home baker, in mind. The tools, appliances, and ingredients available to the home baker are taken into careful consideration in designing each piece of Kaiser bakeware, so that the home baker can enjoy professional baking results from the home kitchen. Goodman's carries Kaiser bakeware product, springform pans, baking sets, flour sifters, cake pans, jelly roll pans, cookie sheets, bakeware sets, muffin tins and more.
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