Francis Francis  X1 espresso maker, ORANGE.

Francis Francis X1 espresso maker, ORANGE.

Item #: FR-01081
Weight: 28 lbs
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Francis Francis X1 espresso machine, orange. Bright and boldly colored, this espresso machine from FrancisFrancis! is for those who relish sleek, modern design in their kitchen and cheerful colors in their decor. The machine is 10-by-12 inches in overall size and has an instrument panel look on the front with flip switches, pilot lights, and a temperature gauge to allow for more precise temperature control, which helps prevent overheating the espresso. There's also a pull-out drawer in the bottom section to house the drip grill, a removable plastic bin at the back for the water supply, a built-in cappuccino feature, and a circular wire holder on top for warming inverted coffee cups. This machine is designed for use with pre-measured Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods, or with regular ground coffee--handles for both are included. A simple steaming nozzle dispenses hot water for tea, or steams milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Made in Italy.
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