Kitchenaid Mixer 4162897/W10112253 Mixer Worm Gear
Kitchenaid Mixer 4162897/W10112253 Mixer Worm Gear
KitchenAid mixer worm gear. May have 241803 printed on it and may be gray or yellow. Fits older generation KitchenAid mixers K45, K5, K5SS, KSM90, KSM150, KSM5, KP50P, KPM5, KSM50P, KSMC50S,AND KPM50 and variations of these KitchenAid mixer models.

3 out of 5 stars Protects the motor but could be tougher..., 3/12/2011 2:46:48 PM
By: Christopher from CO - See all my reviews
I appreciate the fact that these gears are made to fail rather than burn out the expensive motor, but they do seem to fail a bit too easily. The gear is pretty easy to replace so I am annoyed that the price of the gear is exactly the same as the cost of the gear and housing. Seems to me that the gear ought to be about a $2.00 part. I am tempted to machine my own, but I am still pretty green with my little Sherline lathe. I find it odd that the gear in my mother's mixer, which she bought in the 1970's has lasted 40 years, while the one in ours seems to fail annually. True, it's cheaper to replace the gear than to buy a new mixer, but I really hadn't expected to have to repair a heavy duty stand mixer on an annual basis. Be sure you pick the broken teeth out of the grease before you re-assemble your mixer. I try to re-create the gear on my bench top to make sure I have them all, then I add a dollop of fresh grease to the housing before I button it all back up.

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