Ice Crusher Blender Blade Cutter for Oster & Osterizer
Ice Crusher Blender Blade Cutter for Oster & Osterizer
Genuine Oster heavy duty ice crusher blender blade and gasket. Can be used for all types of blending, including ice. Fits most Oster blenders, Osterizers and ALL Oster Kitchen Centers. Replaces 937-45, 4898, 24877, 209841, 4961, etc.

1 out of 5 stars Bad service., 11/14/2012 5:21:52 AM
By: Roberto from -- - See all my reviews
Well the only thing i can do is write my review maybe for nobody, I placed my order for some parts and there will not be more than 12 bucks, but for some reason (maybe my mistake) after I confirm my order with standar shipping which was going to be 15 bucks with the shipping cost at the most and I saw that number 15.00 I am very sure of that, there came out a total of 32 bucks!!! obviously that was not something i wanted to pay for some parts which cost was less that 12. So, i called right after the confirmation message to the costumer service number and there was a lady, Bonny i guess, or something like that, so, I explain to her what was my situation, I told her there was a mistake in my order, I was not disposed to pay 20 bucks for shipping, that there was something wrong in my order related to the shipping cost, so i just wanted to cancel it, so after she heard all my explanation she told me she couldn't do anything before 4:00pm EST, so waited a couple of hours to call again so i did it, and she answered the phone and she recalled my previous phone call two hours before, so now she did a research about what the problem was, it did't took more than 2 minutes, and what she found was that for some reason the shipping method selected was "expedite" or "next day" or something like that and there was nothing to do about it because the parts were in their way already... how that happened? i dont know, but i was sure i didn't want to pay that for shipping, that is why i called right away after the comfirmation came with that total, my question is why she didnt do the same research that took less than two minutes the first time i called, i know is not her fault but was frustating when she told me she could not do anything because the parts were shipped already. AGAIN, I CALLED ON TIME TO CANCELL.

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