Presto 85312 Pressure Cooker Handle

1 out of 5 stars Top Handle, 12/12/2013 6:25:11 PM
By: John from PA - See all my reviews
This pressure cooker was only used two times and carried model number 0131004. First time my wife used the pressure cooker, we could not open the lid. The top and bottom handles overlap each other and one can't get a good grip to open the handle. After several minutes of strenous forcing, I finally got the lid to open. Second time my wife used the cooker, the same thing happened.It was as though the lid was frozen onto the cooker. I tried forcibly to open the lid and the top handle completely shattered. The design on this cooker is not practical since there is no place to get a grip on the lid. The handle seems to be made of a very light plastic substances and shatters easily. I hesitate to purchase another top handle for fear that the same thing will happen.

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