Bene Casa 72607 Stainless Steel Single Burner

4 out of 5 stars So far so good, 8/28/2013 7:36:33 PM
By: Amy from OH - See all my reviews
This unit looks identical to the one offered by Deni on Amazon, which a lot of their reviewers said stopped working after under 10 uses. (At this writing, 62 out of 103 reviewers gave it 1 star.) From what I can tell, the issue is quality control on the manufacturing side: some units work great, others die quickly. That seems to be par for cheap electronics. But I was tired of $8 hotplates so I decided to try a 1500 Watt one for $25. It arrived today and: * Looks great * Nice thick power cord * As stated in the manual, the entire unit gets hot - not warm, hot. The knobs are not too hot to touch, but the rest is. * The light going out when the unit reaches the selected level (from min to max, no specific temperatures) is a nice touch. Heating 16 oz of water in a stainless steel pot with lid: Room temperature unit-- in 5 min at max, heated to bubbles on the bottom of the pan Pre-heated unit -- 2 minutes to bubbles on the bottom, 4 minutes to audible boil, 5 to rolling boil. So far it does what it says it would do. Too bad about the all-metal construction (except for the feet) and the heat--there are stern warnings to keep it far away from water and from anything that can melt-- but on day one I am quite satisfied.

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