Kettles & Carafes

A kettle is a device used to quickly heat water for hot drinks, such as tea or coffee. Goodman's carries stovetop and electric kettles in a variety of materials and finishes.
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Luminarc Tivoli Glass Pitcher
Luminarc Tivoli Glass Pitcher
ITEM: LU-3028438
Luminarc Tivoli Glass Pitcher, 78 ounces. Dishwasher safe. Features an ice lip.
Zojirushi Cd-k03-eju Liner Cleaner for Pots
Zojirushi Cd-k03-eju Liner Cleaner for Pots
Zojirushi CD-K03-EJU liner cleaner for electric pots. This cleaner removes lime scale build-up on all Zojirushi Electric Water Boilers & Warmers. It is 100% citric acid, biodegradable and non-toxic w...
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