• All American 50x-120v Electric Autoclave Sterilizer

All American 50x-120v Electric Autoclave Sterilizer

ITEM: AA-50X-120V
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All American 50X-120V electric sterilizer. 25 quart liquid capacity. Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry was first in the field to develop an immersion type pressure sterilizer for physicians offices, hospitals and laboratories. The electric ALL_AMERICAN Sterilizer is a complete, self contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve, and pilot light. It connects to any outlet, is ready for use instantly, and ensures complete, efficient sterilization. 1650 watt heating element for faster start up, 50 percent faster than 25X. 36 percent greater heating capability compared to 25X. More accurate TPI thermocouple, snapswitch and pilot light. 60 minute mechanical bell timer. Operational on 50Hz or 60Hz. Calrod immersion heating element. 3 wire grounded cord and plug for safety. Includes aluminum inner container with rack. Interior stainless steel support stand. 120 Volt, 50/60 Hz 1650 watts/13.75 amps. Made in the USA.