• Ardell 65057 Lashgrip Dark Adhesive

Ardell 65057 Lashgrip Dark Adhesive

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Ardell 65057 LashGrip Dark Eyelash Adhesive, .25 oz tube. Holds Strip Lashes Securely In Place. For use with all strip lashes. LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive dries quickly, holds lashes securely in place and is easy to use. Directions: Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Hold for 30 seconds until adhesive becomes tacky. For best results use Ardell Lash Applicator to hold and apply lashes. Place band against eyelid as close to lash roots as possible. Using fingertip, gently press corners and along the band to secure. To Remove: Gently peel band off lid, starting at the outer corner. Clean and by peeling off lash adhesive. Place lashes back in lash tray to maintain their shape for re-use.