• Oster 76001-605 Oster Master Flattop Comb
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Oster 76001-605 Oster Master Flattop Comb

by Oster Item #: OS-76001-605
Efficient and Durable Flat Top Comb for Oster 1-2-3 System
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This innovative comb is an essential part of the Oster 1-2-3 System, which has been developed to increase efficiency and speed up your grooming process.

The Oster Master Flattop Comb is specifically crafted to compliment the "clipper over comb" technique, making it easier to achieve precise and professional results. Made from strong, yet flexible materials, this comb is virtually unbreakable, heat resistant, chemical resistant, and friction resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Say goodbye to static and unwanted hair with this static-free comb that is compatible with sterilizers, allowing for easy maintenance and cleanliness. Its sleek, flat design is not bulky, making it comfortable to use for both professionals and individuals alike.

Compatible with various Oster clippers such as hair clippers for men, electric clippers, and hair trimmers, this salon comb is perfect for those who want to achieve a flawless flat top hairstyle. Its versatility allows for seamless integration with your existing grooming tools, including Oster blades, Oster clippers, and hair trimmers.

Invest in the Oster 76001-605 Oster Master Flattop Comb today to experience the benefits of increased efficiency, precise grooming, and a comfortable, user-friendly design. Elevate your grooming game and achieve professional-quality results with this game-changing comb.
  • Strong, flexible, and unbreakable
  • Heat resistant and chemical resistant
  • Friction resistant and static free
  • Compatible with sterilizers for hygiene
  • Designed for the Oster 1-2-3 System
  • Compliments clipper over comb technique
  • Ideal for professional hairstyling
  • Long-lasting and efficient design
  • Non-bulky and easy-to-use
  • Great addition to barber tool collection

Oster 76001-605 Oster Master Flattop Comb Q&A

What is the Oster 1-2-3 System?
The Oster 1-2-3 System is designed to increase efficiency in haircutting techniques, including the clipper over comb technique.
What makes this comb heat resistant?
The Oster Master Flat Top Comb is made from high-quality materials that can withstand heat exposure.
Can the comb be used with chemicals?
Yes, the Oster Master Flat Top Comb is chemical resistant, making it suitable for use with various styling products.
Is the comb sterilizer compatible?
Yes, the Oster Master Flat Top Comb can be safely sterilized for maintaining hygienic hair styling practices.
What makes this comb unbreakable?
The Oster Master Flat Top Comb is made from strong yet flexible materials, making it virtually unbreakable.
Why is the comb friction resistant?
The Oster Master Flat Top Comb is designed with a smooth, non-abrasive surface, resulting in friction resistance during use.
Can this comb be used by professional hairstylists?
Yes, the Oster Master Flat Top Comb is ideal for use by professional hairstylists and barbers.
Is this comb suitable for clipper over comb technique?
Yes, the Oster Master Flat Top Comb is designed to compliment the clipper over comb technique, enhancing efficiency.
How does the comb help achieve precision?
The flat, non-bulky design of the Oster Master Flat Top Comb allows for precise cutting and styling of hair.
Is the comb static-free?
Yes, the Oster Master Flat Top Comb is designed to be static-free, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free hair styling experience.

Oster Master Flat Top Comb: Perfect for Clipper Over Comb Technique

Experience seamless flat top hairstyles with the Oster Master Flat Top Comb designed specifically for the Oster 1-2-3 System. Enhance your clipper over comb technique with this sturdy and flexible tool.

Upgrade your barber tool collection with this high-quality Oster Master Flat Top Comb that is heat, chemical, and friction resistant. It's the ideal accessory for professional hairstyling.

The sophisticated design of the Oster Master Flat Top Comb is not only static free, but it's also sterilizer compatible. This ensures a safe and hygienic experience for both you and your clients.

Invest in this long-lasting and virtually unbreakable Oster Master Flat Top Comb. Its flat yet non-bulky design is perfect for achieving precision and efficiency in your haircutting process.

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