• Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Quart Size Bags, 20pk
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Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Quart Size Bags, 20pk

by FoodSaver Item #: TL-B22QT
Keep Your Food Fresh Longer with Our Quart Size Bags
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This 20-pack of durable, 8" x 11" bags are specially crafted with a 3-ply design, ensuring strength and protection for all your vacuum packaging needs. Say goodbye to food spoilage and hello to freshness with these remarkable bags that offer a strong outer layer of nylon, which provides an unbeatable barrier to air, moisture, and odors.

Our patented air channels guarantee quick air removal, keeping your food fresher for an extended period. No more throwing away leftovers or watching your hard-earned money go to waste. These versatile Tilia Foodsaver bags are boilable, microwaveable, washable, re-usable, and re-sealable, offering endless possibilities for your food-saving endeavors.

Cleaning is a breeze with these top-rack dishwasher-safe bags, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your delicious, well-preserved meals. Compatible with Tilia vacuum food saver and vacuum sealer models, these bags are the perfect addition to your food-saving arsenal.

Elevate your food storage game with Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Quart Size Bags, and enjoy the benefits of longer-lasting freshness, reduced food waste, and more efficient meal planning. There's no better time to invest in your health and happiness with these outstanding food savers. Order your 20-pack today and relish in the satisfaction of knowing your food is preserved with the best.
  • Durable quart size bags
  • Microwaveable and boilable for versatile cooking options
  • Patented air channels for quick air removal
  • Perfect for meal planning and leftovers
  • 3-ply bag provides strength & air, moisture, and odor barrier
  • Reusable, washable, and re-sealable bags
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for preserving baked goods, fruits, and vegetables
  • 20-pack for an excellent supply
  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags

Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Quart Size Bags, 20pk Q&A

Can I microwave these bags?
Yes, they are microwaveable.
Can I reuse the bags?
Yes, they are washable, reusable, and re-sealable.
Are the bags dishwasher safe?
Yes, they are top-rack dishwasher safe.
What is the size of the bags?
They are quart size, measuring 8' x 11'.
How many bags are in a pack?
There are 20 bags per pack.
Are they strong and durable?
Yes, the bags are 3-ply and provide strength and barrier.
Do the bags prevent odors?
Yes, they provide a barrier against odors, as well as air and moisture.
What are the bags made of?
They have an outer layer of nylon and are 3-ply.
Are Tilia vacuum sealer bags suitable for freezing?
Yes, they are perfect for preserving and freezing your food.
Are these bags eco-friendly?
Yes, they are a more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to single-use plastic bags.

Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Quart Size Bags: Perfect for Fresh Food

Preserve the freshness and taste of your food with Tilia Foodsaver vacuum sealer quart size bags. These bags are perfect for meal planning and storing leftovers, ensuring a delicious taste.

Experience the ease of food storage with these strong, 3-ply vacuum sealer bags. Their durable material ensures your food remains protected, providing a barrier against air, moisture, and odors.

Save time and effort in the kitchen with Tilia's patented air channels that guarantee quick air removal. Boilable and microwaveable, they allow for convenient cooking and reheating options.

Tilia vacuum sealer bags are not only top-rack dishwasher safe, they're also washable, reusable, and re-sealable. Say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to a more sustainable, eco-friendly kitchen.

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