• Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll
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Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll

by FoodSaver Item #: TL-R8
Preserve Your Food for Longer with Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll
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This innovative product is an essential addition to your kitchen, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer while reducing waste and saving you money. The Tilia 8 inch FoodSaver roll comes with one pack, giving you 22 feet of 3-ply, ultra-strong material specifically designed for vacuum packaging.

Experience the unparalleled strength of the outer layer of nylon, which provides a powerful barrier to air, moisture, and odors. This ensures that your food stays fresh and delicious for longer periods, making meal planning and preparation a breeze. The patented air channels ensure quick air removal, making the vacuum sealing process fast and easy.

Not only is the Tilia Foodsaver roll versatile and user-friendly, but it is also boilable, microwaveable, washable, re-usable, and re-sealable. This means you can cook your food straight from the bag, store leftovers with ease, and even wash and reuse the bags to reduce waste.

Upgrade your food storage game with the Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, the perfect companion for your vacuum food sealer. Compatible with a wide range of vacuum sealers, including the Foodsaver Freshsaver, Freshsaver Plus, and Tilia Vacuum Sealer, you'll wonder how you ever lived without this incredible product.

Don't settle for less when it comes to preserving your food's freshness and flavor. Invest in the Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll today and enjoy the benefits of vacuum sealing with ease and confidence. Your food and your wallet will thank you.
  • 22-foot-long roll
  • 3-ply construction
  • Air, moisture, and odor barrier
  • Outer layer of nylon for added strength
  • Patented air channels for rapid air removal
  • Boilable and microwaveable
  • Washable, re-usable, and re-sealable
  • Ideal for minimizing food waste
  • Saves money on groceries
  • Perfect for preserving food's quality and taste

Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll Q&A

Can the Tilia Foodsaver be boiled?
Yes, the Tilia Foodsaver roll is boilable.
Is the roll microwaveable?
Yes, the roll is microwaveable.
Can I reuse the Tilia Foodsaver roll?
Yes, the roll can be washed, reused, and resealed.
How long is the roll?
The roll is 22 feet long.
What material is used for the outer layer?
The outer layer is made of nylon.
Can the roll be used to store food in the freezer?
Yes, the roll can be used for freezer storage, keeping food fresh for longer.
How many rolls come in a pack?
There is one roll per pack.
What is the barrier this roll provides?
The roll provides a barrier against air, moisture, and odors.
Can I use this roll with any vacuum sealer?
This roll is compatible with most vacuum sealers, providing exceptional performance in preserving your food.
Will using this roll save me money on groceries?
Yes, by preserving your food for a longer time, the Tilia Foodsaver roll helps to minimize food wastage and save on groceries.

Maximize Food Freshness with the Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll

The Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll is designed to revolutionize the way you store and preserve your food, ensuring it stays fresher for longer. With its patented air channels and 3-ply construction, this 22-foot-long roll provides an excellent barrier against air, moisture, and odors.

Not only does the Tilia Foodsaver roll help to keep your food fresher, but it is also boilable, microwaveable, washable, and reusable, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need in the kitchen. The outer nylon layer adds strength and durability, while the patented air channels allow for rapid air removal, increasing the efficiency of the vacuum sealing process.

The Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll is the perfect solution for anyone looking to minimize food waste and save money on groceries. With its easy-to-use design, this roll is a must-have in every kitchen, providing you with a foolproof way to preserve your food's quality and taste.

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