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  • Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 2 Pack
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Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 2 Pack

by FoodSaver Item #: TL-R8-2
Lock in Freshness and Flavor with 8 Inch Tilia FoodSaver Rolls
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These premium 22-foot long rolls are made with 3-ply material, specially designed to provide the strength and durability needed for vacuum packaging. The outer layer of nylon not only enhances its strength but also creates a barrier to air, moisture, and odors ensuring your food stays fresher for longer.

What sets the Tilia FoodSaver rolls apart are the patented air channels that ensure quick air removal, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold on your food. This incredible feature allows you to safely store your food for longer periods, reducing food waste and saving you money.

Versatility is at the core of this product. The Tilia FoodSaver rolls are boilable, microwaveable, washable, and reusable - making them perfect for any type of food storage. Plus, the re-sealable design means you can customize the size of your vacuum sealer bags, giving you the flexibility to store anything from small portions to large cuts of meat.

Perfect for use with Tilia vacuum food savers, food sealers, FreshSaver Plus, and other vacuum sealers, these rolls are a must-have accessory for every kitchen. Say goodbye to stale, tasteless food and hello to the freshness and flavor locked in with the Tilia 8 inch FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Roll, 2 Pack. Invest in the best for your kitchen and taste the difference today.
  • Locks in freshness with air-tight seals
  • Offe...od waste
  • Compatible with 8-inch vacuum sealer machines

Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 2 Pack Q&A

Can these rolls be reused after opening?
Yes, the rolls are washable, reusable, and resealable.
Are these rolls microwave-safe?
Yes, the rolls are microwaveable and boilable.
How long are the rolls?
Each roll is 22 feet long.
Do these FoodSaver rolls work with other vacuum sealer machines?
They are suitable for use with any 8-inch vacuum sealer machine.
What material is used for these rolls?
The rolls are made of 3-ply material with an outer layer of nylon.
Why should I choose these Tilia FoodSaver rolls?
These rolls provide an air-tight seal, prevent spoilage, lock in freshness, and reduce food machines.
How many rolls are included in the pack?
This pack includes 2 rolls of Tilia FoodSaver vacuum sealer rolls.
What is the purpose of the patented air channels?
The patented air channels ensure quick air removal and optimal sealing to preserve the freshness and quality of your food.
Are these rolls washable?
Yes, the rolls are washable, reusable, and resealable.
Can these rolls be sealed and resealed multiple times?
Yes, the Tilia FoodSaver rolls can be sealed, opened, and resealed multiple times.

Tilia 8-inch FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Rolls, 2-Pack - Lock in Freshness & Flavor

Preserve the freshness and flavor of your food with these Tilia 8-inch FoodSaver rolls. The 3-ply, 22-foot long rolls are perfect for vacuum packaging, ensuring an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and prevent spoilage. The outer layer of nylon provides strength and a barrier to air, moisture, and odors.

Boilable, microwaveable, washable, reusable, and resealable, these Tilia FoodSaver rolls are the ultimate in convenience and versatility. Foods stay fresh up to five times longer, and the patented air channels provide quick air removal to ensure an optimal seal. With the 2-pack, you'll always have a backup.

A key component of the Tilia 8-inch FoodSaver rolls is its patented air channel technology. The air channels allow for rapid air extraction and seal formation, helping to preserve your food's quality and taste while minimizing food waste. These rolls are suitable for use with any 8-inch vacuum sealer machine.

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