• Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack
  • Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack
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  • Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack
  • Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack

Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack

by FoodSaver Item #: TL-R8-3
Keep Your Food Fresh Longer with Tilia Vacuum Sealer Rolls
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These incredible food savers are designed to provide you with the best in food preservation technology, ensuring that your meals stay tasty and nutritious for longer periods of time.

Each pack contains three 20-foot long rolls of high-quality, 3-ply material that is specially designed to be strong enough for vacuum packaging. The outer layer of nylon provides strength and acts as a barrier to air, moisture, and odors, ensuring that your food stays fresh and flavorful.

Featuring patented air channels, the Tilia FoodSaver rolls guarantee quick air removal, resulting in a tightly sealed package that keeps your food safe from external elements. These versatile vacuum sealer bags are boilable, microwaveable, washable, re-usable, and re-sealable, making them perfect for all your food storage needs.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Tilia Vacuum Food Saver rolls will revolutionize the way you store and prepare your meals. Compatible with FreshSaver Plus and other vacuum sealers, these vacuum sealer bags are an essential addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Say goodbye to food waste and spoilage with the Tilia 8 inch FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack. Invest in these amazing vacuum sealer bags today and experience the difference in your meal quality, taste, and freshness.
  • 3-pack of 8-inch vacuum sealer rolls
  • 20-foot length for ample storage
  • 3-ply construction for enhanced durability
  • Outer nylon layer for air, moisture, and odor resistance
  • Patented air channels for efficient air removal
  • Boilable, microwaveable, and washable
  • Reusable and resealable for convenience
  • Ideal for preserving various types of foods
  • Reduces food waste and spoilage
  • Helps maintain optimal freshness

Tilia Foodsaver 8 Inch Vacuum Sealer Roll, 3 Pack Q&A

What is the material used for the Tilia vacuum sealer rolls?
The rolls are made of 3-ply construction with an outer layer of nylon.
How long are Tilia 8-inch vacuum sealer rolls?
Each roll is 20 feet long.
Can I put Tilia vacuum sealer rolls in the microwave?
Yes, these rolls are microwaveable.
Can I use Tilia vacuum sealer rolls for food that is being boiled?
Absolutely, the rolls are boilable for your convenience.
Are these Tilia vacuum sealer rolls reusable?
Yes, they are washable, reusable, and resealable.
What is the purpose of the patented air channels?
The air channels ensure quick and efficient air removal during vacuum sealing.
Do Tilia Foodsaver rolls help reduce food waste?
Yes, by preserving food freshness, they help to prevent spoilage and reduce waste.
Can these vacuum sealer rolls provide resistance to moisture and odors?
Yes, the outer layer of nylon acts as a barrier for air, moisture, and odors.
How many rolls are included in one pack?
This product includes a 3-pack of Tilia vacuum sealer rolls.
What food types can be preserved using these Tilia vacuum sealer rolls?
These rolls are ideal for preserving various types of foods, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Experience Ultimate Food Preservation with Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Maximize the freshness and longevity of your food with the superior quality Tilia Foodsaver 3-pack of 8-inch vacuum sealer rolls. These rolls are guaranteed to keep your food fresher for longer, preventing spoilage and waste.

The Tilia vacuum sealer rolls feature a durable 3-ply construction, with an outer layer of nylon offering resistance and an effective barrier to air, moisture, and odors. This ensures your food stays fresher for longer periods.

Experience the quick and efficient air removal due to the patented air channels on these Tilia Foodsaver rolls. The innovative design allows for optimal preservation and protection of your foods while vacuum sealing.

Enjoy the added convenience and versatility of the Tilia Foodsaver rolls, as they are boilable, microwaveable, washable, reusable, and resealable. These remarkable features make these vacuum sealer rolls an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen.

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