• Bialetti 07008 Brikka Stovetop Espresso Maker, 2 Cup

Bialetti 07008 Brikka Stovetop Espresso Maker, 2 Cup

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Bialetti 07008 Brikka stovetop espresso maker, 2 espresso cup. Bialetti Brikka is a unique stove top espresso maker that makes it possible to prepare espresso with crema. Bialetti Brikka revolutionizes the espresso making and drinking experience. Thanks to a special pressure-controlled valve you can now enjoy the rich and intense flavor of a creamy coffee. This new style Brikka even got better - the maker now features an opening in the lid that allows the condensation to escape. This way no, condensation will drip back and dilute your espresso experience. Simple and genius. 2 Espresso Cup = 3.0 fl.oz / 100ml (max. boiler capacity) - (Please note that the max. boiler capacity is slightly more than the final output since there is always a little water left in the boiler after brewing.)