• Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Canning Dome Lids, 12 Pieces
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Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Canning Dome Lids, 12 Pieces

by Ball Item #: BL-32000
Canning Made Easy with Ball Regular Dome Lids
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The 32000 regular dome lids are crafted from tin-coated steel, ensuring corrosion protection for long-lasting performance.

What sets these lids apart from the rest is the additional white protective coating, which not only provides extra corrosion protection but also prevents scratches, guaranteeing that your lids remain in pristine condition. The expertly designed gasket promises to create a reliable seal under all canning conditions, so you can trust that your canned goods will remain fresh and safe to consume.

Worry not about harmful chemicals as these lids are made without bisphenol A (BPA), making them a healthier choice for you and your family. While these durable lids are not recommended for reuse, they offer outstanding quality and performance for your canning needs.

Choose the Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Canning Dome Lids for a reliable, safe, and stylish solution to preserving your cherished homemade creations. Embrace the joy of canning and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your delicious goods are securely sealed and ready for future enjoyment.
  • 12-piece pack
  • Tin-coated steel
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant
  • White protective coating
  • Enhanced gasket seal
  • Ideal for all canning conditions
  • BPA-free
  • Non-reusable
  • Compatible with Ball Mason Jars
  • Ideal for home canning

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Canning Dome Lids, 12 Pieces Q&A

Are these lids reusable?
No, these lids are not recommended for reuse.
Do the lids contain BPA?
No, the lids are BPA-free.
What is the material of the lids?
The base metal of the lids is tin-coated steel.
What is the purpose of the white protective coating?
The white protective coating provides added corrosion protection and scratch resistance.
How many lids come in a pack?
There are 12 lids in a pack.
Can these lids be used for all canning conditions?
Yes, the gasket is designed to seal under all canning conditions.
Are these lids compatible with Ball Mason Jars?
Yes, the lids are compatible with Ball Mason Jars.
What size is the product?
These are regular mouth mason jar canning dome lids.
Why should I choose these canning dome lids?
These lids provide secure sealing, are corrosion and scratch-resistant, and BPA-free, making them an ideal choice for home canning.
Are these lids easy to clean and maintain?
Yes, the protective coating and tin-coated steel material make them easy to clean and maintain, although they are not reusable.

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Canning Dome Lids - Perfect Seal for Preserving

Preserve your food with confidence using Ball Regular Mouth Canning Dome Lids. These 12-piece packs ensure a tight and secure seal for all your home canning needs. Made with tin-coated steel for corrosion protection and scratch resistance, these lids are designed to last.

Ball Regular Dome Lids offer an enhanced gasket seal for all canning conditions, ensuring the freshness and flavor of your preserved goods. These BPA-free lids are perfect for home canning enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Say goodbye to rusty or dented lids, and hello to a longer-lasting, more reliable solution. The white protective coating on these dome lids provides added durability and ensures the perfect seal for your mason jar, every time.

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