• Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb
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Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb

by Andis Item #: AD-65730
Ensure a Well-Groomed Pet with Our Ideal Steel Comb
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Say goodbye to tangled, matted, and dirty fur as this versatile comb effortlessly removes all those pesky knots and trapped dirt, leaving your pet's coat looking silky smooth and pristine.

As you gently comb through your pet's fur, the Andis 65730 Steel Comb stimulates the skin and hair follicles, promoting a healthy and shiny coat that's sure to make your furry friend the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you're aiming for a polished finish or a fluffy, voluminous look, this comb has you covered.

Crafted with both coarse and fine teeth, the Andis 65730 Steel Comb caters to a variety of fur types and lengths, ensuring that no pet is left behind in the quest for beautiful, well-groomed fur. Its lightweight design means you can groom your pet without experiencing fatigue, making those grooming sessions a breeze.

Invest in the Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb and experience the difference that a high-quality grooming tool can make in the lives of you and your pet. With its unique features and benefits, this steel comb is the ultimate grooming companion for all the beloved cats and dogs in your life.
  • Tangle, mat, and loose hair removal
  • Dirt removal for a clean coat
  • Coarse and fine teeth for versatile grooming
  • Skin and hair follicle stimulation
  • Ideal for cats and all-size dogs
  • Perfect for a finishing touch or fluffing
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Enhances skin and coat health

Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb Q&A

Does this comb work on both cats and dogs?
Yes, this comb is ideal for cats and all-size dogs.
Can the comb be used for finishing or fluffing?
Yes, it's perfect for finishing or fluffing your pet's coat.
Does the steel comb help with removing loose hair?
Yes, the comb effectively removes loose hair, tangles, and mats.
Is the comb lightweight for easy handling?
Yes, the comb is lightweight and designed for fatigue-free grooming.
What size is the Andis 65730 Steel Comb?
The comb is 7-1/2 inches long.
Are there both coarse and fine teeth on the comb?
Yes, the comb features coarse and fine teeth for versatile grooming.
Does this comb help stimulate the skin and hair follicles?
Yes, using the comb stimulates skin and hair follicles, promoting healthier fur.
Is the comb effective in removing dirt from my pet's fur?
Yes, the comb's coarse and fine teeth efficiently remove dirt and debris.
What are the benefits of using this steel comb regularly?
Regular use of the comb removes tangles, mats, and loose hair, stimulates skin and hair follicles, and maintains a healthy, clean coat.
Is this comb part of the Andis Animal Grooming Supplies?
Yes, the Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb is a valuable tool from the Andis Animal Grooming Supplies lineup.

Remove Tangles, Mats and Loose Hair Effortlessly with Our Steel Comb

Our versatile steel comb is a must-have addition to your pet grooming routine, ensuring that your furry friend stays well-groomed and tangle-free. Designed for use on cats and all-size dogs, this comb tackles tangles, mats, loose hair, and dirt with ease.

We understand that grooming can be a challenging task if you don't have the right tools, and the Andis 65730 7-1/2" Steel Comb makes it simple. Its coarse and fine teeth combination ensures that both large and small debris can be removed easily, leaving behind a clean and healthy coat.

Not only does this comb help with removing knots and dirt, but it also stimulates skin and hair follicles, promoting a healthy coat for your pet.

With its lightweight design, grooming your pet is no longer a chore. The comb is easy to handle and perfect for finishing or fluffing your pet's fur, giving them that polished look every time.

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