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P04-378 Auxiliary Thermostat fits Farberware Coffemaker Urn
ITEM: FA-P04-378
In Stock
Farberware P04-378 aux thermostat for coffemaker urn.
Faberware P04-053 Warming Element for Coffeemaker Urn
ITEM: FA-P04-053
In Stock
Faberware P04-053 warming element for old style coffeemaker urn. Fits Faberware urn models 155A, 155B, etc.
Farberware P08-050 Coffee Maker Urn Coffee Basket
ITEM: FA-P08-050
In Stock
Farberware P08-050 coffeemaker urn basket. Fits Farberware coffee maker urn models L1360, 155, FSU236, FSU255, etc. Fits 22, 30, 36 and 55 cup size models of urns. Measures approximately 10" at it's w...
Farberware P02-303 Gasket for Percolator Element
ITEM: FA-P02-303
In Stock
Farberware P02-303 gasket for percolator element. Gasket measures 31mm inside diameter, 37mm outside diameter.
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