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Pressure Cooker Accessories

Presto accessories make it easy to start canning and preserving. Goodman's carries Presto canning accessories, pressure canner accessories, pressure cooking accessories, pressure cooker racks and more.
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Presto 06900 Probe Temperature Control Thermostat Cord
ITEM: PR-6900
In Stock
This incredible tool is compatible with a wide range of Presto models, ensuring a perfect fit for your favorite kitchen appliances.<br><br>Whether you're using a 6-Quart Stainless Steel Electric Press...
Presto 09984 Probe Temperature Control Thermostat Cord
ITEM: PR-9984
In Stock
This versatile thermostat cord is compatible with numerous Presto models, including the Kitchen Kettle, SlowCook'nMore, Options, Multi-cooker/Steamer, Big Kettle, and the 10-quart Kitchen Kettle XL, e...
Presto 85341 Pressure Cooker Rack
ITEM: PR-85341
In Stock
Boasting a 6 5/8" diameter, this versatile and sturdy cooking rack is designed to elevate your culinary skills, making it perfect for all your pressure cooker recipes.<br><br>The Presto 85341 Pressure...
Presto 85360 Pressure Cooker Rack. 8 Diameter
ITEM: PR-85360
In Stock
With its 8" diameter, this versatile rack is designed to fit perfectly into your pressure cooker and elevate your culinary skills to new heights.<br><br>The Presto 85360 Pressure Cooker Rack is not ju...
Presto 85397/85707 Pressure Cooker Rack. 11 Diameter
ITEM: PR-85397
In Stock
With its sturdy construction and 11" diameter, this versatile rack easily fits most pressure cookers, making it the perfect companion for all your favorite pressure cooker recipes.<br><br>This pressur...
Presto 85622 Pressure Cooker Rack
ITEM: PR-85622
In Stock
Designed to fit perfectly within your pressure cooker, this durable 10" diameter rack elevates your culinary creations, ensuring they are cooked evenly and efficiently.<br><br>Unlock the full potentia...
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