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Blade Razors

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Diane IRS127 23" Top Grain Cowhide Razor Strop
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
This premium strop boasts smooth top grain leather, perfect for renewing and straightening your blade edges with ease.<br><br>But that's not all - a canvas side impregnated with zinc oxide is also inc...
Diane D22B Polymer Coated Shaper Blades 60 Pack
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
These top-quality blades, made in Japan, are perfect for tackling trimming, shaving, and shaping tasks in those hard-to-reach areas with ease and finesse.<br><br>The secret to their outstanding perfor...
Diane by Fromm D210 Black Razor
In Stock
The shaving blade razor is designed with a black plastic handle that offers a comfortable grip to give you full control and precision as you create your desired look.<br><br>The Diane by Fromm D210 Bl...
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