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Hair Clipper Accessories

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Wahl 3792 Trimmer Guide Combs fits T Wide Blade 5 Star Detailer, Cordless Detailer, Detailer Li and Retro T-Cut
ITEM: WH-3792
In Stock
These high-quality trimmer guides are perfect for professional barbers and stylists who demand top performance and sharp results.<br><br>The set of 3 T Wide Trimmer Guides is crafted to enhance the cu...
Andis 01583 Cord Retaining Clip fits ML Master Clipper
ITEM: AD-01583
In Stock
This small but mighty accessory ensures that your cord stays securely in place, providing an uninterrupted, tangle-free grooming experience. Say goodbye to frustrating cord issues and focus on creatin...
Andis 01639 Master Switch Insulation fits ML Clipper
ITEM: AD-01639
In Stock
This little accessory provides a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your clipper, ensuring smooth operation and protection from wear and tear.<br><br>The Andis Master Switch Insula...
Andis 12370 Detachable Blade Carrying Case, Holds Up To 12 Blades
ITEM: AD-12370
In Stock
Designed to hold up to 12 blades, this case is perfect for professionals and grooming enthusiasts alike who value efficiency and care for their tools.<br><br>Not only does the Andis 12370 safely store...
Andis 12425 Andis Folding Blade Case, Holds 9 Blades
ITEM: AD-12425
In Stock
Designed to hold up to 9 detachable blades, this canvas velcro blade case is perfect for professional groomers, barbers, and stylists who need to keep their blades safe, secure, and easily accessible....
Andis 12501 Clipper Oil Lubricant 4 Ounce
ITEM: AD-12501
In Stock
This 4-ounce bottle of premium-grade oil is specially designed to enhance the functionality of your hair clippers and keep them operating smoothly, ensuring a precise and effortless trim every time.<b...
Andis 12860 Clipper Guide Comb Set
ITEM: AD-12860
In Stock
This nine-piece set includes a wide range of sizes, from 1/16" to 9/16" (#7 to #1/2), ensuring that you have the perfect comb for every length and style.<br><br>The Andis 12860 Comb Set is specially c...
Andis 200096 Hair Guard fits T-Outliner
ITEM: AD-200096
In Stock
This innovative hair guard is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your grooming routine, ensuring that you achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home.<br><br>The Andis 200096 Hair Guar...
Andis 23575 Snap-On Blade Attachment Combs for T-Blade
ITEM: AD-23575
In Stock
Andis 23575 Snap-On Blade Attachment Combs for T-Blade. 4 piece kit for grooming versatility, fits T-blade only. Comb sizes 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8". Fits Andis models: PM-T, PMT-2, D-4, D-5, GTO,...
Miaco Professional Stainless Steel Clipper Guide Comb 7pc set
ITEM: MP-80001
In Stock
These universal combs are designed to fit most full-size clippers, including popular models like Oster A5, Classic 76, Andis BGC, Andis AGC, Wahl Senior, and many more.<br><br>Experience the benefits...
Miaco Size # 10, 1.25" (32mm) Clipper Guide Comb fits Wahl Clippers
ITEM: MP-88000
In Stock
Achieve your desired hair length with the confidence of a professional, as this guide comb leaves hair at a voluminous 1.25" (32mm) long. Say goodbye to uneven cuts and hello to a flawlessly groomed a...
Miaco Size # 12, 1.5" (38mm) Clipper Guide Comb fits Wahl Clippers
ITEM: MP-88001
In Stock
This high-quality accessory ensures a consistent 1.5" (38mm) hair length, providing you with a professional, polished look every time. Its compatibility with blades that are 1-5/8" to 1-3/4" wide guar...
Miaco Size # 16, 2" (51mm) Clipper Guide Comb fits Full Size Wahl Clippers
ITEM: MP-88002
In Stock
Effortlessly achieve professional-grade hairstyles with this high-quality attachment, ensuring a precise and even cut every time.<br><br>Expertly crafted to fit Wahl Designer, Taper 2000, Pilot, and S...
Miaco Size 10, 12 and 16 (1.25", 1.5" and 2") Clipper Guide Comb Set fits Wahl Clippers
ITEM: MP-88500
In Stock
This versatile three-piece set includes a #10 guide comb for 1.25" (32mm) long hair, a #12 guide comb for 1.5" (38mm) long hair, and a #16 guide comb for 2" (51mm) long hair, allowing you to achieve a...
Miaco Size 10 and 12 (1.25" and 1.5" ) Clipper Guide Comb Set fits Wahl Clippers k
ITEM: MP-88501
In Stock
This fantastic duo includes a #10 guide comb that leaves hair at a luxurious 1.25" (32mm) length, and a #12 guide comb for a slightly longer 1.5" (38mm) style. Both combs are designed to fit full-size...
Oster 151812-000-000 Li-ion Battery for Octane Clipper
ITEM: OS-151812
In Stock
This high-quality replacement rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is designed specifically for Oster 76550-100 Octane clippers, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless operation.<br><br>With the Oster Li-ion...
Oster 041890-000-000 Clipper Cord fits Oster Fast Feed Model 23
ITEM: OS-41890
In Stock
Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility, as this premium-quality Clipper Cord fits perfectly with Oster Fast Feed clipper models M-6031 and 23, ensuring a seamless grooming experience.<br><b...
Oster 76001-605 Oster Master Flattop Comb
ITEM: OS-76001-605
In Stock
This innovative comb is an essential part of the Oster 1-2-3 System, which has been developed to increase efficiency and speed up your grooming process.<br><br>The Oster Master Flattop Comb is specifi...
Oster 76002-605 Oster Pro Styling Comb
ITEM: OS-76002-605
In Stock
Elevate your "clipper over comb" technique with this robust and versatile comb, crafted to provide long-lasting performance and exceptional results.<br><br>The Oster Pro Styling Comb boasts a strong,...
Oster 76004-011 Artic Igloo Clipper Blade Holder
ITEM: OS-76004-011
In Stock
This exceptional clipper Oster blade holder has the capacity to store up to 11 full-sized blades, ensuring your hair clippers for men are always within reach and well-organized.<br><br>Constructed wit...
Oster 76300-104 Clipper Blade Lube Lubricating Oil Bottle 4 oz
ITEM: OS-76300-104
In Stock
Specially crafted for professional use, this premium lubricating oil promises exceptional results for all your grooming needs.<br><br>Oster Blade Lube is designed to cater to the unique needs of your...
Oster 76300-105 Clipper Grease and Gear Lube
ITEM: OS-76300-105
In Stock
With this premium blade oil and blade wash, you can ensure your clipper oil and clipper wash routine is top-notch, resulting in a prolonged lifespan for your Oster clippers.<br><br>As a coolant lubric...
Miaco Set Of Six Clipper Guide Combs fits Oster 254, 274, 284, 650, 820 & 974 Clippers
ITEM: OS-926-06
In Stock
This versatile comb set includes sizes 1/2" (#4), 3/8"(3#), 1/4"(#2), left taper, right taper, and a blending guide comb, making it the perfect addition to your grooming arsenal. Say goodbye to uneven...
Oster 76926-800 Comb Set for Adjustable Pivot Clippers, 8 Pieces
ITEM: OS-926-800
In Stock
This 8-piece set is specifically crafted to fit Oster clipper models 76023, 76830, and 76030, making it the perfect companion for your Fast Feed, Free Rider, and Salon Pro pivot motor clippers.<br><br...
Miaco 1" #8 Hair Clipper Guide Comb fits Oster Classic 76, A5, Andis AG, BG and full size clippers.
In Stock
This durable and versatile comb will leave your hair at a consistent 1" length, ensuring a professional and polished look every time you use it.<br><br>Measuring at an impressive 1.875" wide, this Mia...
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