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Oral Irrigation

An oral irrigator (or water pick) is a device that is used to clear away food debris from teeth using a pulsating water jet. It is mostly used by people with braces (to replace dental floss), or periodontal problems (or for the prevention of periodontal problems, cleaning the gingival sulcus). Goodman's carries a full line of dental oral irrigators by WaterPik, InterPlak, Panasonic and more.
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Interplak SWJ5RP Dental Water Jet Tips
In Stock
Interplak SWJ5BC Dental Water Jet Tips. Includes 2 brush head tips, 1 standard water jet tip, 1 gum massage tip, and 1 subgingival tip. Color coded. Fit all Interplak dental water jet models.
Univen Hose and Handle Kit fits WaterPik WP-100
ITEM: UV-86035
In Stock
Univen hose and handle replacement fits WaterPik oral irrigator and dental water jet models WP-100, WP-100W, WP-100C, WP-100WPLT, WP-110W and WP-130W. Easily replace your broken or old moldy hose and...
Univen Reservoir Lid fits WaterPik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser Oral Irrigator
ITEM: UV-86036
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Univen water reservoir tank lid and tip holder. Fits WaterPik oral irrigator models WP-100 and WP-120 Ultra Water Flosser and variations of these models.
Univen Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Jet Tips Replaces WaterPik JT-100E and JTR-2 2 Pieces
ITEM: WP-86009
In Stock
Univen 86009 standard classic jet tips replaces WaterPik JT-100E and JTR-2. Fits WaterPik models WF-02, WF-03, WP-100, WP-105, WP-110, WP-112, WP-120, WP-130, WP-250, WP-260, WP-300, WP-365, WP-440, W...
Univen Rechargeable Ni-Cad Battery fits Waterpik Travel Model 350W
In Stock
Univen ni-cad rechargeable battery, fits WaterPik model 350W travel oral irrigator. Battery is approximately 2"(50mm) in length and 0.85"(21.5mm) in diameter. Color of battery may vary.
Waterpik Brp-2/pp-70e Pik Pocket Tips
In Stock
WaterPik BRP-2 PP-70E Pik Pocket tips for models WP-40W, WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W & WP-90W, WP-SR-400W. Package of 2 tips. Use the Pik Pocket Tip to deliver theraputic solutions to sites under the gumli...
Waterpik Fla-220 Power Flosser With 15 Replacement Tips
In Stock
WaterPik FLA-220 power flosser with 15 replacement tips. Clinically proven as effective as string floss and easier to use. 10,000 gentle strokes per minute remove plaque above and below the gumline....
WaterPik JT2/JT-360E Replacement Jet Tips for Model Wp-360
In Stock
WaterPik JT2 replacement jet tips. Fits Water Pik oral irrigator models WP-100, WP-360 & WP-450.
WaterPik JT-450E Classic High-Pressure Water Flosser Jet Tips
In Stock
WaterPik JT-450E Classic High-Pressure Water Flosser Jet Tips. For general use. Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline. Clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss for improvin...
JT70E Replacement Jet Tips fits WaterPik
In Stock
Designed specifically to fit WaterPik models WP-40W, WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W, WP-90W, and WP-SR-400W, these jet tips will effortlessly replace your old, worn-out BRJ jet tips. With a package containing...
Waterpik JTR-2/JT-100E Jet Tips for Model WP-100 WP-270, 2 Pack
In Stock
WaterPik JTR-2 replacement jet tips. Fits Water Pik oral irrigator model WP-100 and WP-270.
Waterpik Obr-2/od-100e Replacement Ortho Brush
In Stock
WaterPik OBR-2 replacement ortho brush. Fits WP-100 and WP-360.
Waterpik Ppr-2/pp-100e Replacement Pik Pocket Tips
In Stock
WaterPik PPR-2 PP-100E replacement pik pocket tips for WP-100 and WP-360. Use the Pik Pocket Tip to deliver theraputic solutions to sites under the gumline and between teeth.
Waterpik Ps-100e Plaque Seeker Tips, 2-pack
In Stock
Waterpik PS-100E plaque seeker tips, 2-pack. Fits model WP-100.
Waterpik Tb-100e Brush Tips, 2-pack
In Stock
Waterpik TB-100E brush tips, 2-pack. Fits model WP-450.
Waterpik Tcr-2/tc-100e Replacement Tongue Cleaner
In Stock
WaterPik TCR-2 replacement tongue cleaner. Fits WP-100 and WP-360.
This department contains oral irrigators by Waterpik, Interplak, and more. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices, and good service!
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