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Oster Professional Animal Clippers

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Oster Golden A5 Single Speed Animal Clipper With # 10 Blade
ITEM: OS-78005-010
In Stock
Our new and improved cooler running motor ensures that you can groom your pet with ease and precision, without overheating. With its powerful single speed, general body clipping has never been easier....
Oster Golden A5 Double Speed Animal Clipper With # 10 Blade
ITEM: OS-78005-140
In Stock
This powerful clipper is designed with a new improved cooler running motor, providing the perfect solution for all your grooming needs.<br><br>The two operating speeds offer great versatility, with th...
Oster 78005-301 Turbo A5 Single Speed Clipper
ITEM: OS-78005-301
In Stock
With its virtually unbreakable housing, this animal clipper is built for durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting use for all your dog grooming needs.<br><br>Experience the power of the Oster...
Oster 78005-314 Turbo A5 Double Speed Clipper
ITEM: OS-78005-314
In Stock
With its virtually unbreakable housing, this clipper oster is built to withstand even the toughest grooming challenges.<br><br>The Oster 78005-314 TURBO A5 boasts a more powerful sweep and faster runn...
Oster 78150-600 Clipmaster Ew510 Single Speed Clipper Black
ITEM: OS-78150-003
In Stock
This powerful Oster Clipmaster is equipped with Titanium blades that provide superior cutting performance and durability. The sealed bearings ensure that your clipper stays oiled for 100 hours between...
Oster 78150-700 Clipmaster Ew510 Variable Speed Clipper Blue
ITEM: OS-78150-700
In Stock
Experience precision and efficiency like never before with this lightweight and cool-running clipper. With variable speeds ranging from 700 to 3000 strokes per minute, you can effortlessly achieve det...
Oster 78153-600 Shearmaster Ew311 Single Speed Clipper, Black
ITEM: OS-78153-600
In Stock
With its high-torque design and powerful motor, this clipper effortlessly handles detailed clipping tasks on lambs, cattle, llamas, goats, sheep, hogs, and even large breed dogs.<br><br>Experience the...
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