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About Us

Established in 1995, Goodman's began as a small appliance store and repair shop. Soon after opening its doors in a tiny warehouse, Goodman's began creating a website advertising small appliances and parts. Amazed by the website success, and the ability to sell products not just in Miami, but all across the USA and worldwide, the website was continually improved and products were added. Goodman's created a niche for itself by not only offering common small appliances with online shopping convenience, but hard to find parts and accessories with detailed parts charts and pictures.

Using a fully integrated computer network, Goodman's is able to efficiently handle a high volume of orders. We are constantly looking to be at the forefront of technology with our website and backend software as well. What does this mean to the customer? Our efficiency means quick turnaround of orders and lower operating expenses to keep prices down. We invite you into Goodman's store on the web or in Miami, where you'll find an extensive line of small appliances, housewares, parts and accessories with convenient and secure shopping.

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