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Jiffy Steamer

Since 1940, Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC has been the leading manufacturer of clothing steamers for the travel, residential and commercial industries. Using a garment steamer is the gentlest, safest, and most efficient method to remove wrinkles. Not only is steaming five times faster than ironing, it will not scorch even the most delicate fabrics. Goodman's carries a full line of Jiffy garment steamers, clothes steamers, professional steamers, drapery steamers, Jiffy Steamer parts, steamer accessories, steamer attachments and more.
Buy discount and wholesale Jiffy Steamer products, Jiffy Steamers garment steamer, Jiffy J 2000, Jiffy J 4000, Jiffy Steamer Esteam, professional fabric steamer, steamer head, Jiffy Steamer parts and more. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices and good service!
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