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Hair Brushes

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Diane D9705 Ceramic Straightening Brush
ITEM: FM-D9705
In Stock
This revolutionary 2-in-1 brush combines the power of a straightener with the convenience of a hairbrush, delivering a sleek and flawless finish every time. The soft nylon bristles glide effortlessly...
Diane D8115 Medium Firm 100% Boar Bristle Club Brush
ITEM: FM-D8115
In Stock
This versatile brush boasts two sides with different bristle types to cater to your specific hair needs. The medium boar bristles on one side provide a gentle touch, perfect for sensitive scalps and e...
Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush
ITEM: FM-D8168
In Stock
This luxurious 9-row, 7" club palm brush is designed with 100 percent soft boar bristles, providing the perfect balance of gentle yet effective brushing for all hair types.<br><br>The high-quality bla...
Diane by Fromm D8169 100 Percent Boar Wave Brush
ITEM: FM-D8169
In Stock
This 9-inch men's wave brush boasts 100 percent soft boar bristles, ensuring a gentle yet effective touch for your hair and scalp.<br><br>Featuring a 7 row, soft bristle construction, this brush is sp...
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