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Presto Deep Fryers & Parts

enjoy delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy with a Presto deep fryer. At Goodman's you'll find a large selection of Presto deep fryers, dual deep fryers, electric fryer, electric deep fryers, deep fat fryers, home deep fryers, stainless steel deep fryers, kitchen deep fryers and more.
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Presto 06900 Probe Temperature Control Thermostat Cord
ITEM: PR-6900
In Stock
This incredible tool is compatible with a wide range of Presto models, ensuring a perfect fit for your favorite kitchen appliances.<br><br>Whether you're using a 6-Quart Stainless Steel Electric Press...
Univen Electrical Cord 1/2" Terminal Spacing 2.5' Long fits Percolators and Rice Cookers
In Stock
With a generous 2.5-foot length and 1/2" terminal spacing, this cord is perfect for percolators, rice cookers, Presto Fry Baby, Presto Percolator 02811, and more. Say goodbye to struggling with short,...
Presto 85691/09982 Magnetic Deep Fryer Power Cord
ITEM: PR-09982
In Stock
This replacement magnetic cord is specifically designed for Cool Daddy and Fry Daddy fryers, ensuring a secure connection and optimal performance.<br><br>Compatibility is key, and this versatile cord...
Pesto 32034 Lid for Fry Daddy Fryers
ITEM: PR-32034
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
This top-quality lid is designed to fit perfectly on your Fry Daddy deep fryer, ensuring that you can create the best deep-fried dishes with ease and efficiency.<br><br>Made with a diameter of approxi...
Pesto 4088002/32331 Lid for Gran Pappy Fryers
ITEM: PR-32331
In Stock
Elevate your cooking experience with this essential accessory, designed to complement your deep fryer electric, deep fryer Presto, or any of the fantastic deep fryers in the Presto range.<br><br>This...
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