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An electric massager is a device used for soothing and relaxing sore muscles and nerves, relieving tension, rehabilitation after some injuries of muscles and bones, etc. The intensive vibrating movements of the device against the muscles provide the increased blood supply to these areas that helps to regenerate the tissues and release the painful sensations. Goodman's carries a full line of massagers, foot massagers, chair massagers, body massagers, heat massagers, etc. by Conair, Panasonic, Hitachi, Wahl, Acuvibe, HoMedics and more.
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Hitachi Magic Wand HV-260 Original Massager Vibrator
In Stock
With its powerful vibrations and versatile design, the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-260 Original Massager Vibrator is the ultimate relaxation tool and pleasure enhancer for all your needs.<br><br>Unleash the...
Oster Massager Vibrator 103 Stim-u-lax
ITEM: OS-76103
In Stock
This heavy-duty, single speed, electric massager is designed with a unique "floating" motor suspension that transfers soothing and relaxing movements directly through your fingertips. It's perfect for...
Wahl 4120 Professional Series 2 Speed Massager With 3 Attachments
ITEM: WH-4120-1701
In Stock
Designed to relieve pain and fatigue while increasing circulation, this powerful massager is perfect for those who seek immediate relief from the stresses and strains of daily life.<br><br>With two sp...
Wahl 4120-600 All Body Theraputic Massager
ITEM: WH-4120-600
In Stock
The ergonomically designed multi-grip handle ensures complete comfort and ease of use, allowing you to target specific areas or enjoy an overall soothing experience.<br><br>The Wahl 2 Speed All Body M...
Wahl 4196-1201 Heat Therapy Therapeutic Massager
ITEM: WH-4196-1201
In Stock
Designed to cater to your specific needs, this versatile massager boasts five interchangeable attachments that target different massage styles, including heat, four finger flex, accupoint, raised bump...
This department contains handheld massagers, body massagers, foot massagers, massage chairs, adult massagers, and more including the Hitachi Magic Wand, Homedics Anti-gravity chair, Panasonic percussion massager, and much more! At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices, and good service!
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