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KitchenAid Blender Parts

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KitchenAid KHB009 Beater/Frother Bell Blade Assembly Attachmen
In Stock
This versatile and efficient accessory promises to take your culinary skills to new heights, enabling you to create mouthwatering desserts and café-quality beverages with ease.<br><br>The beater/froth...
KitchenAid KHB008 Hand Blender Multi-purpose Bell Blade Assembly Attachment
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
This ingenious accessory transforms your KitchenAid Hand Blender into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation, opening up a world of endless possibilities for your recipes.<br><br>Featuring a unique...
KitchenAid W11568600 W10514167 Control and Display Board
ITEM: KA-W10514167
In Stock
This state-of-the-art control panel offers you the luxury of precise temperature control and easy-to-read digital display, ensuring that your culinary creations come out perfect every time.<br><br>The...
Replacement Blender Blade, Replaces KitchenAid KSBGCB 9704291
ITEM: KA-020
In Stock
This high-quality blade cutter assembly ensures that your blender continues to perform at its best, allowing you to create tantalizing smoothies, mouth-watering soups, and delicious sauces with ease.<...
KitchenAid 9704204 Blender Jar Gasket Seal
ITEM: KA-9704204
In Stock
This high-quality gasket seal is designed to fit models that have a push-on lid and begin with 4KSB5, 5KSB5, KSB3, and KSB5.<br><br>Embrace a worry-free blending experience as this gasket seal provide...
Kitchenaid 9704230 Blender Coupling Drive Clutch
ITEM: KA-9704230
In Stock
This rubber coupling is specifically designed to sit on the motor base and drive the blender blades, ensuring a seamless blending experience every time.<br><br>Featuring a high-quality rubber construc...
KitchenAid 9704253 Blender Collar Black
ITEM: KA-9704253
In Stock
Specifically tailored to fit KSB3 and KSB5 models, this accessory ensures a secure and stable connection between the blender jar and base, providing you with optimal performance and consistent results...
KitchenAid 9706613/9704280 Blender Control Board 230V
ITEM: KA-9706613
In Stock
This high-quality control board is the ultimate solution for your KitchenAid blender, providing seamless control, efficiency, and reliability like never before.<br><br>With its robust and compact desi...
KitchenAid 9706760 Blender Motor 220v
ITEM: KA-9706760
In Stock
Designed to fit seamlessly into any KitchenAid blender 220v models starting with KSB and 5KSB, this motor brings efficiency and reliability to your fingertips.<br><br>The KitchenAid 9706760 Blender Mo...
KitchenAid 9707580 Blender Cutter Blade
ITEM: KA-9707580
In Stock
Designed with precision and durability in mind, this exceptional cutter blade offers a perfect blend of functionality and convenience.<br><br>The KitchenAid 9707580 Blender Cutter Blade boasts a uniqu...
KitchenAid 9709363 Blender Jar Lid
ITEM: KA-9709363
In Stock
Designed to perfectly fit KitchenAid Blender models KSB550, KSB560, KSB580, KSB565, KSB655, and KSB755, this durable lid ensures a secure seal to prevent spills and messes during the blending process....
KitchenAid W10221782 Blender Jar
ITEM: KA-W10221782
In Stock
This high-quality blender jar is a must-have for every home chef, offering a multitude of features and benefits. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while its generous capacity...
KitchenAid W10221793 Glass Blender Jar
ITEM: KA-W10221793
In Stock
Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability in this essential kitchen companion.<br><br>Crafted from high-quality glass material, this blender jar ensures the ultimate resistanc...
Kitchenaid W10279256/9708914 Blender Coupling
ITEM: KA-W10279256
In Stock
Designed to fit seamlessly with models that begin with 5KSB45, 5KSB555, KSB354, KSB465, KSB540, KSB550, KSB560, KSB565, KSB580, KSB585, and KSB655, this high-quality coupling ensures a stable and secu...
Kitchenaid W10279516 Blender Cutter Blade and Collar, White
ITEM: KA-W10279516
In Stock
Designed exclusively for KitchenAid blender models KSB354WH, this exceptional accessory promises to elevate your blending experience to new heights.<br><br>The high-quality, razor-sharp stainless stee...
KitchenAid W10279517 Blender Cutter Blade and Collar, Red
ITEM: KA-W10279517
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Designed specifically to fit the KSB565 model, this dynamic duo will elevate your blending experience to new heights. With a gasket not included, you have the flexibility to customize your blender to...
Kitchenaid WPW10500387/W10279518 Blender Cutter Blade and Collar, Black
ITEM: KA-W10279518
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Designed to fit KitchenAid blender models KSB354OB, this sleek black blade cutter and collar ring combination will elevate your culinary game to new heights.<br><br>Unleash the full potential of your...
Kitchenaid W10279521 Blender Cutter Blade and Collar, Almond
ITEM: KA-W10279521
In Stock
Designed to fit seamlessly with your KSB565 model blender pitcher, this innovative accessory will elevate your kitchen game to new heights.<br><br>Say goodbye to dull, inefficient blades and hello to...
KitchenAid W10279528 Glass Blender Jar Assembly White
ITEM: KA-W10279528
In Stock
Featuring a cutting blade and white jar bottom collar, this high-quality glass blender jar is specifically designed to fit KitchenAid blender models starting with 5KSB555 and KSB565.<br><br>Made from...
KitchenAid W10292571/W10686132 Blender Jar Gasket Seal
ITEM: KA-W10292571
In Stock
This innovative gasket seal is compatible with various KitchenAid blender models, including KSB565BU, KSB565ER, KSB565GC, KSB565OB, KSB565SM, KSB565WH, KSB655CA, KSB655CS, KSB755ACS, KSB755CA, KSB755C...
Kitchenaid W10390812/9708904 Blender Jar and Blades
ITEM: KA-W10390812
In Stock
This high-quality 56oz polycarbonate replacement jar is specifically designed for KitchenAid blender models KSB540, KSB560, and KSB580, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance.<br><br>Made of...
KitchenAid W10518847 W10415986 Blender Lid White
ITEM: KA-W10415986
In Stock
This high-quality replacement lid is compatible with a wide range of KitchenAid blender models, ensuring a seamless fit and exceptional performance.<br><br>No more worrying about spills and messes as...
KitchenAid W10514321 Replacement Blender Jar Assembly
ITEM: KA-W10514321
In Stock
Designed to fit a wide range of KitchenAid blender models, this replacement jar assembly ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance for your favorite kitchen appliance.<br><br>Say goodbye to leaks,...
KitchenAid W10524701 Rubber Blender Foot
ITEM: KA-W10524701
In Stock
Crafted with precision, this top-quality rubber foot replacement is designed to bring unparalleled steadiness to your blender, ensuring a hassle-free blending experience every time.<br><br>Compatible...
KitchenAid W10705066 Blender Filter
ITEM: KA-W10705066
In Stock
KitchenAid W10705066 Blender Filter. Replaces Part Number W10269237.
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