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Farberware Percolator and Urn Parts

Need a hard to find part for your Farberware percolator? Goodman's carries a complete line of Farberware percolator parts, electric percolator top, lid, pump stem, percolator spring, percolator basket, fusible link, replacement handle, percolator gasket, Farberware percolator thermostat and more.
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Univen Electrical Cord 1/2" Terminal Spacing 2.5' Long fits Percolators and Rice Cookers
In Stock
With a generous 2.5-foot length and 1/2" terminal spacing, this cord is perfect for percolators, rice cookers, Presto Fry Baby, Presto Percolator 02811, and more. Say goodbye to struggling with short,...
Grounded 36" Percolator Cord
In Stock
Designed with 3 wire, grounded 36" HPN 16AWG power cord, this exceptional product is perfect for electric kettles, tea kettle power, and other heating appliances, making your daily routine more effici...
Replacement 30426 Percolator Knob fits Farberware
ITEM: FA-30426
In Stock
Specially designed to fit Farberware coffee percolator models FCP240, FCP280, FCP412, and FCP512S, this handy replacement knob ensures that you never miss out on your favorite cup of coffee.<br><br>As...
FRE-1 Rope Element fits Farberware Coffeemakers
In Stock
This high-quality, durable rope element measures 10.25"(26cm) in length, ensuring a precise fit for optimal performance. Featuring eyelets on each end, the FRE-1 rope element can be effortlessly insta...
Farberware P02-303 Gasket for Percolator Element
ITEM: FA-P02-303
In Stock
Expertly designed with a 31mm inside diameter and 37mm outside diameter, this gasket ensures a snug and secure fit, effectively sealing your percolator element, and preventing leaks and spills.<br><br...
Faberware P04-053 Warming Element for Coffeemaker Urn
ITEM: FA-P04-053
In Stock
Designed to fit Faberware urn models 155A, 155B, and more, this warming element will breathe new life into your cherished appliance.<br><br>With the Faberware P04-053, gone are the days of lukewarm co...
P04-378 Auxiliary Thermostat fits Farberware Coffemaker Urn
ITEM: FA-P04-378
In Stock
This innovative thermostat ensures a perfect cup of coffee every time by maintaining the precise temperature needed for an exceptional brewing experience.<br><br>The P04-378 Auxiliary Thermostat provi...
Farberware P08-050 Coffee Maker Urn Coffee Basket
ITEM: FA-P08-050
In Stock
This versatile basket is compatible with 22, 30, 36, and 55 cup size models, ensuring that no matter the size of your gathering, every guest will be able to enjoy a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee.<...
Univen FCP240-02/P09-091/30427 Coffee Percolator Speader Cover fits Farberware
ITEM: FA-P09-091
In Stock
This essential accessory ensures that your coffee grounds are evenly distributed, extracting the full flavor from every last bean and delivering a perfect cup of coffee every time.<br><br>Our spreader...
Univen P13-1491 Rope Element Compatible with Farberware Coffee Maker Urns
ITEM: FA-P13-1491
In Stock
This rope style auxiliary warmer element is designed for compatibility with new style Farberware percolators, ensuring that your coffee remains warm, delicious, and ready to serve at any moment.<br><b...
Univen Coffee Percolator Basket Compatible with Farberware 4 Cup models FCP240, 134 and 134B
ITEM: FA-P13-1842
In Stock
Compatible with Farberware 4 Cup electric coffee percolator models FCP240, 134, and 134B, this high-quality basket ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of searchin...
Coffee Basket, fits Farberware 8 Cup Percolator P13-1843/30429
ITEM: FA-P13-1843
In Stock
Designed to fit your Farberware 8 Cup Percolator, this high-quality basket ensures that your coffee grounds are evenly distributed for a rich, flavorful brew. Say goodbye to weak or bitter coffee, as...
Univen Coffee Percolator Basket Compatible with Farberware 12 Cup models FCB412, FCP512 and 142
ITEM: FA-P13-1844
In Stock
With this high-quality replacement part, you can effortlessly brew 12 cups of your favorite coffee, ensuring a rich and satisfying flavor every time.<br><br>The Univen P13-1844 percolator coffee baske...
Univen P13-188 Fusible Link Compatible with Farberware Percolators
ITEM: FA-P13-188
In Stock
This high-quality, reliable component ensures your percolator operates at peak performance, delivering that perfect cup of coffee every time. With its compatibility with Farberware percolators, this f...
P13-1895 Fusible Link fits Farberware Coffee Urns
ITEM: FA-P13-1895
In Stock
This unique product ensures that your coffee urn operates at peak performance while keeping safety at the forefront.<br><br>The P13-1895 Fusible Link is crafted with high-quality, heat-resistant mater...
Univen Spring Fits Pump Tube of Faberware Electric Coffee Percolators
In Stock
Say goodbye to mediocre coffee and hello to a revitalized morning routine.<br><br>This high-quality Univen pump tube spring is specifically designed to fit Farberware electric coffee percolator pump s...
Terminal Pin Assembly fits Farberware Percolators
In Stock
This innovative component ensures optimal performance for your favorite brewing appliance, providing you with delicious and aromatic coffee every time.<br><br>The Univen terminal pin assembly not only...
Clear Glass Percolator Top, for 13/16 In. To 1 1/2 In Hole
ITEM: FZ-135
In Stock
Say goodbye to plastic tops and embrace the elegance and durability of clear glass, ensuring a pure, untainted coffee flavor with every sip.<br><br>Our Clear Glass Percolator Top is compatible with bo...
Univen Plastic Knob Top and Washer Ring fits Farberware Yosemite Coffee Percolators
ITEM: UV-86027
In Stock
Please note that this replacement part is not compatible with electric percolators or stove top percolators manufactured before 1997.<br><br>With a 1.5" (38mm) tall and 0.85" (21.5mm) shaft diameter,...
Univen Pump Tube Spring fits Faberware Yosemite Stove Top Percolators
ITEM: UV-86071
In Stock
This high-quality, durable pump tube spring ensures optimal performance and longevity of your trusted percolator, allowing you to enjoy consistently delicious coffee every time.<br><br>Designed exclus...
Univen Percolator Lid fits Farberware Electric Coffee Percolators
ITEM: UV-86076
In Stock
Expertly designed to fit models such as FCP240 and FCP412, this high-quality percolator lid cover ensures that your coffee brewing experience is as seamless and enjoyable as ever.<br><br>With an appro...
Univen Percolator Coffee Maker Pump Tube fits Farberware 4 Cup Electric Percolators
ITEM: UV-86100
In Stock
Designed to fit seamlessly into Farberware 4 cup electric percolators, this high-quality replacement part ensures your coffee maker stays in perfect working order. Say goodbye to mediocre coffee and h...
Univen Percolator Coffee Maker Pump Tube fits Farberware 8 Cup Electric Percolators
ITEM: UV-86101
In Stock
Designed to fit Farberware 8 Cup Electric Percolators, this high-quality replacement part ensures your coffee making experience remains consistent and hassle-free.<br><br>Say goodbye to weak or over-e...
Univen Percolator Coffee Maker Pump Tube fits Farberware 12 Cup Electric Percolators
ITEM: UV-86102
In Stock
This high-quality replacement part ensures your coffee maker consistently delivers rich, robust, and full-bodied flavor every time.<br><br>Say goodbye to weak and watery coffee, as the Univen 86102 co...
Univen Coffee Maker Pump Tube fits Farberware 12 - 36 Cup Coffee Urn Percolators
ITEM: UV-86103
In Stock
This high-quality replacement pump tube stem ensures that your coffee percolator performs at its best, providing consistent and delicious coffee for all your guests.<br><br>The Univen 86103 pump tube...
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