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Univen Thermostats

Univen brand ceramic thermostats. Goodman's carries Univen brand thermostats including ceramic thermostats, ceramic coffeemaker thermostats, coffee machine thermostats, and more.
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Univen Thermostat Compatible with older Farberware Coffee Percolators 193F Auto Reset Bimetal
ITEM: UV-86233
In Stock
Univen thermostat compatible with older Farberware coffee percolators. Type 36T auto reset bimetal control snap action thermostat. Open temperature 193F, close temperature 134F. Part number 36T01.
Ceramic Thermostat 145 Degree, Used In Many Coffeemakers
In Stock
Ceramic thermostat 145 degree Celcius, used in many coffeemakers. Rated 10amp, 250v. Temperature rise off at 145 degrees Celcius temperature, temperature fall on at 131 degrees Celsius.
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