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Clothing Steamer Acc/Prts

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Jiffy Steamer 0023 Plastic Water Bottle A for J-2
ITEM: JF-0023
In Stock
This high-quality, durable plastic water bottle "A" with cap is the perfect replacement for J-2 Jiffy Steamers with serial numbers starting with "C" and serial numbers of T220280 and lower.<br><br>Exp...
Jiffy Steamer 0025 Plastic Water Bottle With Check Valve Cap
ITEM: JF-0025
In Stock
This high-quality replacement bottle and cap is compatible with J-2 steamers that have serial numbers of T220281 and higher, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your existing steamer....
Jiffy Steamer 0027a Check-valve Cap for Water Bottle B
ITEM: JF-0027A
In Stock
This essential replacement component ensures optimal performance from your J-2 steamer, delivering flawless wrinkle removal and fabric care every time. Designed for J-2 steamers using the check valve...
Jiffy Steamer 0027C Rubber Baffle for Check Valve Cap, 3-pack
ITEM: JF-0027C
In Stock
These high-quality replacement rubber baffles are specifically designed for seamless integration with your Jiffy Steamer check valve cap, ensuring an effortless and efficient steaming experience every...
Jiffy Steamer 0133 J-4/4000 Cord Set
ITEM: JF-0133
In Stock
This high-quality cord set comes with an effective strain relief feature that securely holds the electrical cord into the housing unit, preventing any unexpected disconnections or accidents.<br><br>On...
Jiffy Steamer 0199 J-4/4000 Switch and Knob
ITEM: JF-0199
In Stock
This rotary power switch and knob combination is specifically crafted to control the heating element for J-3, J-4, and J-4000 Jiffy Steamer models, ensuring perfect compatibility and seamless operatio...
Jiffy Steamer 0251 Complete Hose 5.5' With Plastic Head
ITEM: JF-0251
In Stock
Introducing the Jiffy Steamer 0251 complete hose 5.5' with plastic head, the perfect solution for a wrinkle-free wardrobe, designed to make your life easier and your garments look impeccably fresh. Co...
Jiffy Steamer 0253 Plastic Steam Head and Handle
ITEM: JF-0253
In Stock
Designed to fit all Jiffy Steamer models, this fantastic product elevates your steaming experience by providing unbeatable performance and convenience.<br><br>The Jiffy Steamer 0253 features a lightwe...
Jiffy Steamer 0256 Metal Steam Head With Wooden Handle
ITEM: JF-0256
In Stock
This high-quality steam head is your ticket to wrinkle-free, professionally steamed clothing that will have you looking your best at all times.<br><br>The robust metal construction of the steam head e...
Jiffy 0619 Voltage Converter for Jiffy Esteam
ITEM: JF-0619
In Stock
With unparalleled performance and reliability, this voltage converter enables you to use your Jiffy Esteam steamer anywhere in the world with ease and confidence.<br><br>The Jiffy 0619 Voltage Convert...
Jiffy Steamer 1125 Green Lighted Rocker Switch
ITEM: JF-1125
In Stock
This innovative accessory is designed to enhance your steaming experience, making it easier and more enjoyable than ever before. The green lighted Contura rocker switch is not only stylish but also pr...
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