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Founded in Germany in 1884, Rowenta has a long history of innovation. In 1912 they manufactured their first iron, paving the way for a position today as the world's largest producer of irons. In 1949, Rowenta launched the first iron with Temperature Control, followed by the first Steam Iron in 1957- an innovation that would change garment care forever. Throughout Rowenta's history, Technology and Innovation have always been at the forefront of product design. With a unique code-breaking design to streamline performance. Goodman's carries the Rowenta products, irons, clothing irons, steam irons, compact steamer, clothes steamers, garment steamers, boiler caps, and more!
Buy discount and wholesale Rowenta irons, steamers, garment steamers, boiler caps, Rowenta boiler, boler, solenoid valve, replacement steam irons and more. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices and good service!
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