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Conair Clippers & Trimmers

Conair beard trimmers can provide more precise trimming functions than hand-held razors or an electric shaver, and they can be used to trim and shape all lengths of hair around the face and neck area. Goodman's carries Conair I-Stubble trimmers, stubble shavers, beard and mustache trimmers, Conair hair trimmers, beard trimmer, moustache trimmers and more.
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Conair GMT100R Battery-Operated Beard & Mustache Trimmer
In Stock
Conair GMT100NCS Battery-Operated Beard & Mustache Trimmer. Easy to clean snap off blade. Battery operated trimmer with stainless steel blade. Five position adjustable comb guide. Nose/ear attachment....
Conair HC102R Dual Voltage Hair Cutting Kit, 12-pieces
In Stock
Conair HC102RGB dual voltage hair cutting kit, 12-pieces. Full powered dual volt clipper can be used in any country simply by pressing a switch. Perfect gift for anyone in the armed forces. 5-detent t...
Conair HC108RGB 12-Piece Hair Clipper Kit
In Stock
Conair HC108 12-piece hair clipper kit. Whether you are on the go or styling at home, the 12-piece haircut kit has you covered. Nothing beats the Simple Cut for its elegant simplicity and ability to...
Conair Hc318RVW 22-piece Cord/cordless Haircut Kit
In Stock
Conair HC318RV 22-Piece Cord/Cordless Haircut Kit. This Conair 22-piece haircutting kit has what it takes to tame hair of all different types. Cut your own hair, your friends and/or your familys hair...
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