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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Misc. Parts

Keep your KitchenAid running smoother, longer with our selection of KitchenAid stand mixer repair parts. Goodman's carries replacement mixer parts, shaft and pinion gear, mixer end cap seal, mixer speed control spring, replacement screws, mixer screws and more.
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KitchenAid 9703426 Adjusting Cam
ITEM: KA-9703426
In Stock
KitchenAid 9703426 Adjusting Cam. Cam adjusting screw for Kitchenaid 6-quart stand mixer models.
KitchenAid W11379274 Handle
ITEM: KA-W11379274
In Stock
KitchenAid W11379274 Handle. Replaces Part Number W10391115.
Kitchenaid WPW10504114 Spring Retainer Clip
ITEM: KA-WPW10504114
In Stock
Kitchenaid WPW10504114 Spring Retainer Clip. Replaces Part Numbers W10504114, 9703474.
KitchenAid WP4162038 Rubber Mixer Foot
ITEM: KA-WP4162038
In Stock
KitchenAid WP4162038 Rubber Mixer Foot. Replaces Part Numbers 4162038, 240211, 4159632.
Univen Mixer Arm Lift Compatible with KitchenAid Mixer Part Numbers 241764 4162053 4162874 WP241764 2 Pack
ITEM: UV-86238
In Stock
Univen Mixer Arm Lift Compatible with KitchenAid mixers. Package of 2 mixer arm lifts. Compatible with KitchenAid mixer models 3K5SS, 4K5SS, 4KPD, 4KSM, 5K5SS, 5KPM, 5KSM. 7K5, 9KSM, K4SS, K5SS, KSM5,...
KitchenAid WPW10305968 Holder Cap for Motor Brushes
ITEM: KA-WPW10305968
In Stock
KitchenAid WPW10305968 Holder Cap for Motor Brushes. Replaces Part Number W10305968.
KitchenAid W10431041/9702637 Mixer Trim Band
ITEM: KA-W11230105
In Stock
KitchenAid W11230105 mixer trim band. Fits KitchenAid mixer models K5SS, KSM5, KP50P, KPM5, KSM50P, KSMC50S, KPM50, 4K5SSWH1. Replaces obsolete parts 4162396, 4176027, 3179202, 9701246, 3179176, 3179...
KitchenAid 16897/4176136 Lower Center Bearing
ITEM: KA-16897
In Stock
KitchenAid 16897/4176136 Lower Center Bearing. This lower gearcase housing bearing (16897) will fit New Generation KitchenAid Mixers KP2671, KP26M1X, KV25, KT2651, KG25, KM25 and variations of these m...
KitchenAid 240205/4162035 Flat Spring
ITEM: KA-240205
In Stock
KitchenAid 240205/4162035 Flat Spring. This part is compatible with models KSM450, 5K5SS, KSM150, 5KPM50, K45SS, KSM100, KSM75, KSM95, 4KSM150, KSM500, KSM154, K5SS, KSM5, KP50, KPM, KSMC, etc.
Kitchenaid Mixer 240200-2/4162037 Shaft and Pinion
ITEM: KA-240210-2
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer 240200-2/4162037 shaft and pinion. Fits Kitchenaid mixers 5K45SS, KSM103, KSM103RB, KSM103WH, KSM45B3WH0, KSM50P, KSM50P-2, KSM50PER0, KSM50POB0, KSM5BBU, KSM5CPSWD, KSM5DGR, KSM5PS0,...
KitchenAid 240253-1/4162055 Mixer End Cover
ITEM: KA-240253-1
In Stock
KitchenAid 240253-1/4162055 Mixer End Cover. The KitchenAid 240253-1 Back Cover, White fits models K45SS K5SS KSM90 KSM5 KPM5 KSM50 KSMC50 KPM50 KP50.
Kitchenaid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring
ITEM: KA-240285
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer 240285 drip ring. Chrome piece whcih sits on the planetary. Fits KitchenAid mixers models fits 4.5 and 5 quart models beginning with K45, K45SS, KSM90, KSM103, KSM110, KSM150, KSM151...
Kitchenaid 240291-1 Motor Housing, White
ITEM: KA-240291-1
In Stock
KitchenAid 240291-1 motor housing, white. Fits KitchenAid models: KSM95WH0, K45SSWH, KSM75WH1, KSM100PSWW0, KSM120WH0, KSM150PSWH0, KSM500PSWH0, 5K5SSWH, KSM95PWH0, KSM500WH0, 4KSM150PSWH0, KSM100PSW...
Kitchenaid 240354-3 Mixer Gearcase
ITEM: KA-240354-3
In Stock
KitchenAid 240354-3 mixer gear case. Fits Kitchenaid 5-quart stand mixers. For models: K5SS, K45SS, 5K5SS, 5K4ss, KSM500.
KitchenAid 241877/4162914 Screw
ITEM: KA-241877
In Stock
KitchenAid 241877/4162914 Screw. Replaces Part Number 241877, 4162914, 4159307, 22002435.
Kitchenaid 3177908 Brush Holder
ITEM: KA-3179908
In Stock
KitchenAid 3177908 motor brush brush holder.
KitchenAid W10323378/4159538/3180163 Mixer Washer
ITEM: KA-3180163
In Stock
KitchenAid W10323378/3180163 Mixer Washer. This part replaces KitchenAid parts 3180163, 4159538 and 4159537.
Kitchenaid Mixer 3183680 Spring for Speed Control Plate
ITEM: KA-3183680
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer 3183680 spring for speed control plate. Kitchenaid: 5K45SS, 5K5SS, 5KPM50, 5KSM150, 5KSM45, 5KSM5, K4SS, KSM100, KSM120, KSM150, KSM158, KSM160, KSM45, KSM450, KSM500, KSM50P, KSM5,...
KitchenAid 3184115/W10380496 Mixer Carbon Motor Brush
ITEM: KA-3184115
In Stock
KitchenAid 3184115/W10380496 Mixer Carbon Motor Brush. Fits KitchenAid 4.5 and 5 quart mixer models beginning with K45, K45SS, KSM90, KSM103, KSM110, KSM150, KSM151, K5, K5SS, KSM5, KP50P, KPM5, KSM50...
Kitchenaid Mixer W11266439/3184176/4176243 Speed Control Link
ITEM: KA-3184176
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
KitchenAid mixer 3184176/4176243 speed control link.
Kitchenaid Mixer Brush Cap, 3184212
ITEM: KA-3184212
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer motor brush cap. Fits older generation KitchenAid mixers K45, K5, KSM90, KSM150, and variations of these models. Will not fit very old Hobart models using a metal threaded cap.
KitchenAid WP3184262 Mixer Headlock
ITEM: KA-3184262
In Stock
KitchenAid WP3184262 Mixer Headlock. Part Number WP3184262 (AP6007741) replaces 3184262, PS11740860.
KitchenAid 3184264 Mixer Headlock
ITEM: KA-3184264
In Stock
KitchenAid 3184264 Mixer Headlock. Fits all KitchenAid tilt head models.
Kitchenaid Mixer 3400018 Screw 10-24x1/2
ITEM: KA-3400018
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer 3400018 screw 10-24x1/2.
Kitchenaid Mixer 3400024 Screw 10-24x1/4
ITEM: KA-3400024
In Stock
KitchenAid mixer 3400024 screw 10-24x1/4.
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