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Electrical Cords

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Power Cord, 12', Fits Oster A5 Clippers
In Stock
This extended cord provides you with the flexibility to move around your workspace effortlessly, while ensuring your clippers perform at their best. No more fumbling with tangled cords or feeling rest...
Power Cord, 8', Fits Oster Classic 76 Clippers
In Stock
Say goodbye to tangled wires and confined spaces, and embrace the ability to maneuver effortlessly around your clients. This high-quality power cord ensures that your clippers are always charged and r...
Power Supply Cord 8' HPN 16 Gauge 2 Conductor fits Heaters and Irons
In Stock
This versatile power cord boasts 8 feet of length, giving you the freedom to move and work without being restricted by short or tangled cords.<br><br>The HPN 16 gauge, 2 conductor construction ensures...
Power Cord 16 Gauge 3 Conductor Wire 8' SJT 105c Cable
ITEM: CO-LJ40414
In Stock
This 8' power cord is crafted with 16 gauge 3 conductor wire, ensuring a strong and stable connection for your power tools, appliances, and more. The SJT thermoplastic outer jacket not only provides d...
Heater Power Cord 6', HPN 16AWG/2, 105c
ITEM: CO-LJ40826
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
This 6-foot-long cord ensures that you can conveniently place your heater wherever you need it, providing you with the flexibility to create a warm and cozy environment in any room.<br><br>Constructed...
Power Cord, 6' length, 1-1/16'' Terminal Spacing, fits Roaster Ovens 16 AWG HPN Cord
ITEM: CO-LJ40876
In Stock
With a generous 6-foot length, this cord allows you to place your appliance where it's most convenient for you, ensuring a comfortable and efficient cooking experience. The 1-1/16" terminal spacing is...
Power Cord, 3' length, 1-1/16'' Terminal Spacing, fits Roaster Ovens 16 AWG HPN Cord
ITEM: CO-LJ40878
In Stock
This versatile 3-foot length cord with 1-1/16'' terminal spacing is perfect for all your roaster ovens and heating appliances. Say goodbye to the frustration of short cords and limited mobility in the...
Power Cord, Fits Electric Kettles 16AWG/3
ITEM: CO-LJ63808
In Stock
Engineered for versatility, this power cord is adaptable for other heating appliances, ensuring a reliable and secure connection at all times.<br><br>Say goodbye to the days of struggling with faulty...
Heater Extension Cord 8', HPN 16AWG/2
In Stock
Designed to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind, this replacement cord is 8' long, ensuring that you can easily reach any power outlet in your home or office. The HPN 16AWG/2 c...
Univen Appliance Power Cord, 5/16 Spacing, Fits Mixers, Fans, Etc
In Stock
With a 5/16" pin spacing, this versatile power cord is the ideal companion for your Sunbeam Mixmaster, Presto 02970 Salad Shooter, and many other appliances.<br><br>Say goodbye to inconsistent perform...
Univen Electrical Cord 1/2" Terminal Spacing 2.5' Long fits Percolators and Rice Cookers
In Stock
With a generous 2.5-foot length and 1/2" terminal spacing, this cord is perfect for percolators, rice cookers, Presto Fry Baby, Presto Percolator 02811, and more. Say goodbye to struggling with short,...
Cord, 6', 1/2 Spacing, Fits Percolators, Rice Cookers
In Stock
With a generous length of 6 feet, this cord allows you to comfortably place your appliances anywhere in your kitchen, making it perfect for those who love to multitask while cooking.<br><br>Featuring...
Grounded 36" Percolator Cord
In Stock
Designed with 3 wire, grounded 36" HPN 16AWG power cord, this exceptional product is perfect for electric kettles, tea kettle power, and other heating appliances, making your daily routine more effici...
Zojirushi 8-cdp-300 Cord for Hot Water Dispensing Pot
ITEM: ZO-8-CDP-300
In Stock
Designed to perfectly fit a wide variety of Zojirushi hot water dispensing pot models such as CD-LCC30/40/50, CD-EPC22/30, CD-FAC22, CD-JSC22/30, CD-WBC30/40, CV-DSC40, CW-PZC22/30, and more, this zoj...
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