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Oster Massager

Transfers soothing, relaxing movement through your finger tips. Goodman's carries stim-u-lax massagers, personal massagers, scalp massagers, barber massagers and more.
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Oster 058435-000-000 Carbon Motor Brush fits Oster Stim-u-lax Massager
ITEM: OS-058435-000
In Stock
Engineered to perfection, this set of 2 carbon motor brushes ensures optimum performance and longevity for your Oster 103-10-E Stim-U-Lax Massager, making it an essential addition to your self-care ro...
Oster Massager Vibrator 103 Stim-u-lax
ITEM: OS-76103
In Stock
This heavy-duty, single speed, electric massager is designed with a unique "floating" motor suspension that transfers soothing and relaxing movements directly through your fingertips. It's perfect for...
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