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Presto Salad Shooter Parts

The Presto salad shooter is the fast and easy way to slice and shred vegetables, fruits, cheese and more. Goodman's carries Presto salad shooter, salad shooter parts, salad shooter professional, salad shooter replacement retaining ring, salad shooter shredder, replacement power cord and more.
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Presto 31304 Salad Shooter Blade Retaining Ring
ITEM: PR-31304
In Stock
Presto 31304 Salad Shooter blade retaining ring. Fits Presto Salad shooter model 02910.
Presto 09942 Medium Shredder Cone
ITEM: PR-09942
In Stock
Presto 09942 medium shredder cone. Fits Presto Salad Shooter model 02910.
Univen Appliance Power Cord, 5/16 Spacing, Fits Mixers, Fans, Etc
Out Of Stock, Pre-Order Now!
Univen white detachable mixer and electric knife cord. Fits many electric mixers such as Sunbeam Mixmaster using a two pin detachable cord. Also fits many electric knives, Presto 02970 salad Shooter,...
Buy discount and wholesale Presto salad shooter parts, professional salad shooter, salad shooter pro, Presto salad shooter slicer, salad shredders and more. At Goodman's you'll find good products, good prices and good service!
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