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Medicool Electric Manicure and Pedicure Files

Medicool high speed electric manicure/pedicure file designed for the professional Nail Technician. Goodman's carries Medicool electric manicure files, nail salon nail files, professional nail files, drill nail files, nail drills and more.
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Medicool Manicure Pedicure Station
In Stock
Medicool Manicure Pedicure Station. The Manicure - Pedicure Station was designed for general maintenance of natural nails, artificial nails and pedicures. It comes with a variety of tools often used...
Medicool Pedinova Pro Electric Professional Pedicure System
In Stock
Medicool PediNova Pro electric professional pedicure system. Treat yourself to professional quality manicures and pedicures at home. The PediNova Pro is a powerful, high performance, combination Pedic...
Medicool Pro Power 520 Professional Electric Filing System
In Stock
This powerful, versatile and easy-to-use electric nail file will transform your nail care routine, leaving you with flawless, beautiful results every time.<br><br>Featuring a high-speed 20,000 RPM mot...
Medicool Turbo File II Professional Electric Filing System
In Stock
This powerful and robust system boasts a 20,000 RPM motor, ensuring a fast and efficient filing experience. With variable speed control, you can easily customize the performance according to your pref...
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