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Oster Salon Sprays, Lubes & Supplies

To maintaining optimum performance of your tools use Oster maintenance products. Oster lubes, lubricant, clipper lubricant, clipper oil, clipper lubricant, cleaner for clippers.
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Oster 76004-011 Artic Igloo Clipper Blade Holder
ITEM: OS-76004-011
In Stock
Oster clipper blade holder. Stores up to 11 full-sized blades. Sleek and ergonomic with a detachable transparent cover to protect the blades. Made from impact-resistant polypropylene plastic. Can be m...
Oster 76300-104 Clipper Blade Lube Lubricating Oil Bottle 4 oz
ITEM: OS-76300-104
In Stock
Oster 76300-104 Clipper Blade Lube Lubricating Oil Bottle 4 oz. Oster Blade Lube premium lubricating oil for clippers and blades. Premium lubricating oil is designed for professional use. A non-dete...
Oster 76300-105 Clipper Grease and Gear Lube
ITEM: OS-76300-105
In Stock
Oster 76300-105 clipper gear lube.
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