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Every product in the Interplak by Conair line is uniquely engineered to remove plaque and leave teeth and gums cleaner and healthier. Only the Interplak System offers multiple attachments that connect directly onto the handles of power toothbrushes or oral irrigators, for an all-in-one system! Clinical studies prove that Interplak Triple Action brush heads remove over 90% of plaque, the leading cause of gingivitis and gum disease. Using the Interplak attachments to supplement brushing removes even more. Goodman's offers a full line of Interplak dental products including toothbrushes, replacement brush heads, water jets, dental water jet, water flosser and more.
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Interplak RTGXRP Opticlean Replacement Brush Heads
In Stock
Designed to elevate your teeth cleaning routine, these power plaque remover brush heads will leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.<br><br>These replacement brush heads come in a pack of two, ens...
Interplak RTGXRP Opticlean Replacement Brush Heads 3 Pack
In Stock
These Interplak RBG3 OptiClean replacement power plaque remover brush heads are designed to provide a superior clean, leaving your teeth and gums healthy and refreshed.<br><br>This value pack contains...
Interplak SWJ5RP Dental Water Jet Tips
In Stock
This amazing pack includes 2 brush head tips, 1 standard water jet tip, 1 gum massage tip, and 1 subgingival tip catering to all your dental needs, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience.<br><br...
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