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  • Kitchenaid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring
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Kitchenaid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring

by Kitchenaid Item #: KA-240285
Install Your Kitchenaid Mixer Drip Ring Effortlessly
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This chrome piece, designed to sit perfectly on the planetary, not only adds a touch of elegance to your mixer but also provides a practical solution to keep your countertop clean and mess-free.

Compatible with a wide range of KitchenAid mixers, including 4.5 and 5 quart models such as K45, K45SS, KSM90, KSM103, KSM110, KSM150, KSM151, K5, K5SS, KSM5, KP50P, KPM5, KSM50, KSMC50, KPM50, and more, the 240285 Drip Ring ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your beloved appliance.

With this innovative accessory, you can now mix, whip, and blend your favorite recipes without worrying about spills or splatters. The 240285 Drip Ring acts as a reliable barrier, catching any excess ingredients that may escape during mixing, keeping your workspace pristine and ready for your next culinary masterpiece.

Don't let a little mess hold you back from creating the most delectable treats for your loved ones. The KitchenAid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring is here to make your baking journey smoother, cleaner, and more enjoyable than ever before. Invest in this essential accessory and watch as your passion for baking transforms into a delightful and stress-free experience. Happy baking.
  • Elegant chrome piece enhances mixer's look
  • Fits on the planetary for a secure fit
  • Prevents spills and drips
  • Compatible with 4.5 and 5 quart models
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Trusted by popular Kitchenaid models
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Effortless cleanup
  • Ideal for home and professional kitchens

Kitchenaid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring Q&A

Does it fit the KSM150 mixer model?
Yes, the drip ring fits the KSM150 model.
What is the main purpose of the drip ring?
Its purpose is to prevent spills and drips during mixing.
Is it easy to install the 240285 Drip Ring?
Yes, it's easy to install and remove.
What is the material of the drip ring?
It's made of high-quality chrome.
Is it compatible with the KPM50 mixer?
Yes, the drip ring is compatible with the KPM50 mixer.
Can I use it with a 4.5 quart Kitchenaid mixer?
Yes, it is designed for 4.5 and 5 quart mixers.
Does it improve the look of the mixer?
Yes, it enhances the mixer's look with its chrome finish.
Can I use it in a professional kitchen?
Yes, it's ideal for both home and professional kitchens.
Is the drip ring durable?
Yes, it's made of long-lasting materials.
Does it fit the K5SS mixer model?
Yes, it is compatible with the K5SS model.

Easy Kitchenaid Mixer 240285 Drip Ring Installation

Upgrade your Kitchenaid mixer for a smoother, mess-free experience with the 240285 Drip Ring. This chrome piece sits on the planetary, adding a touch of elegance to your mixer and preventing spills.

Tired of cleaning up spills after mixing ingredients? The Kitchenaid 240285 Drip Ring is here to save the day. This simple yet stylish addition is compatible with 4.5 and 5 quart models, making it a versatile choice for your mixer.

The Kitchenaid 240285 Drip Ring is designed to put your mind at ease as you whip up your favorite dishes. It's suitable for a wide range of Kitchenaid mixers, including popular models like K45SS, KSM103, KSM150 and K5SS, so you can trust in its compatibility.

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