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  • Motor Brush and Spring. Fits Oster A5, Classic 76, Etc
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Motor Brush and Spring. Fits Oster A5, Classic 76, Etc

by Oster Item #: OS-42584-025R
Upgrade Your Clippers with Motor Brush and Spring
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This set of two Carbon Brush and Brush Spring Assemblies will help your clippers run like new, providing a smooth and efficient grooming experience for you and your clients.

The carbon brushes and brush springs are essential components of your Oster clipper's electric motor, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. By choosing our top-notch Motor Brush and Spring set, you're investing in the durability and reliability of your beloved Oster clippers.

Don't let worn-out brushes and springs hold you back – with our easy-to-install Motor Brush and Spring set, you can quickly get back to providing exceptional haircuts and trims. Keep your Oster clippers in tip-top shape with this essential Oster repair part, and experience the difference that high-quality, compatible components can make.

So why wait? Give your Oster clippers the upgrade they deserve with our premium Motor Brush and Spring set. Your clients will thank you, and your clippers will be ready for many more years of dependable service.
  • High-quality carbon brushes
  • Designed for Oster A5, Classic 76, and Turbo 111 models
  • Perfect fit for clippers made after June 1985
  • Efficient and reliable performance
  • Prolongs clipper lifespan
  • Easy to replace
  • Set of two brush and spring assemblies
  • Improved haircut precision
  • Boosts motor efficiency
  • Compatible with Oster universal motor clippers

Motor Brush and Spring. Fits Oster A5, Classic 76, Etc Q&A

What Oster clipper models are compatible with this set?
Oster A5, Classic 76, and Turbo 111 models.
What is included in the set?
Two carbon brush and brush spring assemblies.
When were the compatible Oster clippers manufactured?
After June 1985.
How will this set improve my clippers?
It will enhance motor efficiency and haircut precision.
Is this set easy to install?
Yes, it is easy to replace the brushes and springs.
Will these brushes work with other clipper brands?
No, they are specifically designed for Oster clippers.
Can this set help prolong my clippers' lifespan?
Yes, by ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
What is the main material of the brushes?
High-quality carbon.
How many brushes do I need for one clipper upgrade?
You will need one set containing two brushes.
Why should I choose this set over random replacement parts?
This set is specifically designed for the Oster clippers to ensure perfect fit and enhanced performance.

Motor Brush and Spring Replacement for Oster A5, Classic 76, Turbo 111 Clippers

Enhance your Oster clippers' performance with our high-quality motor brush and spring replacement set. These carbon brushes are designed specifically for Oster universal motor clippers, including the Classic 76, A5, and Turbo 111 models, ensuring a perfect fit and improved functionality.

Don't let worn-out brushes hold you back from achieving smooth and precise haircuts. Replace them with our sturdy and durable motor brush and spring set, manufactured for Oster clippers made after June 1985. Your clippers' motor will run efficiently, providing you with reliable and consistent results every time.

Keep your clippers in great shape by upgrading to this premium motor brush and spring set. Save yourself from the hassle of finding random replacement parts by investing in a product designed specifically for your Oster clippers. With a perfect fit and excellent performance, you can trust that your haircuts will be flawless once again.

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