• Waterpik Brp-2/pp-70e Pik Pocket Tips
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Waterpik Brp-2/pp-70e Pik Pocket Tips

by Waterpik Item #: WP-BRP2
Deliver Therapeutic Solutions with Pik Pocket Tips
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These exceptional tips, available in a package of 2, will transform your dental hygiene experience.

The Pik Pocket Tip is specifically engineered to deliver therapeutic solutions to hard-to-reach sites under the gumline and between teeth. This innovative design ensures a thorough and effective cleaning, helping you maintain optimal oral health.

Not only do these Pik Pocket tips fit Waterpik dental irrigators, but they are also compatible with Waterpik flossers, oral irrigators, replacement brj jet tips, and Teledyne Waterpik products. Their versatility makes them an essential addition to your dental care tools.

Upgrade your dental routine with the Waterpik BRP-2 Pik Pocket tips, and experience the benefits of a water flosser, water pick, and Waterpik power flosser all in one. These Waterpik parts will help you achieve a cleaner, fresher, and healthier smile.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your dental hygiene regimen with Waterpik BRP-2 PP-70E Pik Pocket tips. Your gums and teeth will thank you.
  • Targets hard-to-reach spots
  • Improves gum health
  • Compatible with select Waterpik models
  • Package contains 2 Pik Pocket Tips
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Ideal for delivering therapeutic solutions
  • Reaches under gumline and between teeth
  • Effectively fights hidden plaque
  • Promotes better dental hygiene
  • Enhances oral care routine

Waterpik Brp-2/pp-70e Pik Pocket Tips Q&A

What models are Pik Pocket Tips compatible with?
They are compatible with WP-40W, WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W, WP-90W, and WP-SR-400W.
How many tips come in a package?
Each package contains 2 Pik Pocket Tips.
What is the main purpose of using Pik Pocket Tips?
To deliver therapeutic solutions to sites under the gumline and between teeth.
Can Pik Pocket Tips help improve gum health?
Yes, they are designed to target and clean hard-to-reach areas for better gum health.
Are Pik Pocket Tips easy to attach to the Waterpik unit?
Yes, they are designed for easy attachment and usage with compatible Waterpik models.
Do Pik Pocket Tips help fight plaque?
Yes, they effectively fight hidden plaque by reaching under the gumline and between teeth.
Can I use Pik Pocket Tips as a part of my daily oral care routine?
Yes, they are designed to enhance your daily oral care regimen for better dental hygiene.
Do Pik Pocket Tips work with therapeutic solutions?
Yes, they are ideal for delivering therapeutic solutions to targeted areas in the mouth.
Can Pik Pocket Tips help me achieve a cleaner mouth?
Yes, they promote a healthier, cleaner mouth by targeting hard-to-reach areas.
Will these tips work with all Waterpik models?
Pik Pocket Tips are specifically compatible with WP-40W, WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W, WP-90W, and WP-SR-400W models.

Boost Your Oral Care with Waterpik Pik Pocket Tips

Upgrade your dental care routine with Waterpik's Pik Pocket Tips, designed to deliver therapeutic solutions directly under the gumline and in-between your teeth for optimal oral hygiene.

Say goodbye to hard-to-reach spots with Pik Pocket tips, compatible with Waterpik models WP-40W, WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W, WP-90W, and WP-SR-400W. Complete your oral care regimen for healthier gums and teeth.

Win the battle against hidden plaque and bacteria with the Waterpik Pik Pocket Tips. These tips reach even the trickiest spots, ensuring a thorough cleanse that improves your gum health.

Invest in your oral health with Waterpik Pik Pocket Tips, which deliver targeted therapy to boost gum health and promote a healthier, cleaner mouth. Compatible with multiple Waterpik models.

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