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  • Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light
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Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light

by Conair Item #: CN-134
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Conair 134 wall mounted hair dryer, with LED night light. Compact dryer. 1600 watts of drying power. LED night light. Automatically shuts off when placed in wall mount. Wall mount holds dryer securely in place. 2 speed/heat settings. Removable filter. Coil cord. UL Listed. One year limited warranty. This is a plug in unit.
  • Compact wall-mounted design saves counter space
  • Efficient 1600-watt drying power
  • Integrated LED night light for added convenience
  • Automatic shut-off when placed in wall mount
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning

Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light Q&A

What makes the Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer stand out?
The Conair 134NR sets itself apart with its convenient wall-mounted design, efficient 1600-watt drying power, and integrated LED night light feature, making it a practical and versatile choice for any bathroom.
How does the wall-mounted design benefit the user?
The wall-mounted design of the Conair 134NR hair dryer frees up valuable counter space in the bathroom, while the automatic shut-off when placed in the wall mount ensures safety and easy storage.
What features make the Conair 134NR easy to maintain?
The Conair 134NR hair dryer features a removable filter, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep the dryer performing at its best.
How does the Conair 134NR's night light feature enhance its usefulness?
The integrated LED night light on the Conair 134NR hair dryer provides added convenience, making it easy to use the dryer in dimly lit bathrooms or during nighttime routines.
What kind of warranty does the Conair 134NR hair dryer come with?
The Conair 134NR hair dryer is backed by a one-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of the product's quality and durability.
The Conair 134NR Wall Mounted Hair Dryer not only dries your hair efficiently with 1600 watts of power, but also provides a convenient night light feature for added versatility. Designed to be securely mounted on the wall, this compact dryer frees up counter space and automatically shuts off when placed back in its holder, ensuring safety and easy storage. With two speed and heat settings, you can customize the drying experience to your needs, while the removable filter allows for easy maintenance. Backed by a one-year limited warranty, this UL-listed hair dryer is a practical and reliable addition to any bathroom, offering both functional performance and thoughtful design.

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