• Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush
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Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush

by Fromm Item #: FM-D8168
Smooth and Shiny Hair in Minutes
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This luxurious 9-row, 7" club palm brush is designed with 100 percent soft boar bristles, providing the perfect balance of gentle yet effective brushing for all hair types.

The high-quality black wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip and effortless control, making it ideal for both personal and professional use. The unique design of the brush promotes healthy hair by distributing natural oils, reducing frizz, and stimulating the scalp for improved hair growth.

Upgrade your hair care routine with the Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush and experience the remarkable difference that a premium grooming tool can make. This is the perfect investment for your hair, promising a lifetime of excellent performance and satisfaction. Don't settle for anything less - your hair deserves the best.
  • 100% soft boar bristle
  • 9-row, 7-inch brush
  • Club palm shape for easy hold
  • Black wooden handle
  • Enhances shine and smoothness
  • Gentle on all hair types
  • Ideal for personal and professional use
  • Detangles hair with ease
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Suitable for various hairstyles

Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush Q&A

What kind of bristles does this brush have?
The brush has 100% soft boar bristles.
What is the size of the brush?
The brush is 9-row and 7 inches in size.
Can I use this brush at home?
Yes, it's great for personal or professional use.
What is the handle made of?
The handle is made of black wood.
Is this brush suitable for all hair types?
Yes, the brush is gentle on all hair types.
What benefits will I get from using this brush?
This brush enhances shine, smoothness, and helps to detangle hair.
What is the shape of the brush?
The shape of the brush is a club palm.
Can I use this brush for different hairstyles?
Yes, it's suitable for various hairstyles.
Is this brush good for professional use?
Yes, it's great for professional use as well.
What makes this brush different from others?
Its 100% soft boar bristles, black wooden handle, and club palm shape make it stand out from other brushes.

Diane D8168: The Ultimate Boar Softy Club Brush for Gorgeous Hair

Achieve salon-quality hair effortlessly with the Diane by Fromm D8168 100 Percent Boar Softy Club Brush. Its soft boar bristles work wonders to smooth, detangle, and add shine to your hair. Perfect for personal or professional use, this brush is a game-changer for hair care enthusiasts.

With its black wooden handle and 9-row, 7-inch soft boar bristle, the Diane by Fromm D8168 Softy Club Brush is designed for optimal style and comfort. Its club palm brush shape makes it easy to hold and maneuver, giving you full control of your hair-styling experience.

Don't settle for ordinary hair brushes when you can have the best with the Diane by Fromm D8168 Boar Softy Club Brush. Its 100 percent boar bristles ensure that your hair receives gentle yet effective care, making it suitable for all hair types.

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