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  • Conair CD88GNR Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron
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Conair CD88GNR Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron

by Conair Item #: CN-CD88JCS
Spiralize Your Hair Effortlessly
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Our unique 3/4" diameter spiral barrel is the perfect size for spiralizing, while the 25% longer barrel ensures that even those with longer hair can enjoy stunning spirals. No more waiting around, as the instant 60-second heat-up gets you started in no time.

The revolutionary Uniform Heat Recovery System ensures consistent spirals every time. As the heat transfers from the barrel to your hair, the barrel cools down. But worry not, our innovative system automatically restores barrel heat with a power surge for fast, even results, no matter how many times you spiralize.

With 25 heat settings catering to every hair type, you can achieve the perfect spirals without damaging your locks. The automatic shutoff feature provides added safety, while the convenient on/off buttons and power indicator light ensure hassle-free operation.

Traveling? The dual voltage feature makes the Conair CD88GNR and CD88JCS perfect companions for worldwide adventures. The cool tip, kick stand/rest, and 6' tangle-free swivel cord make styling a breeze, whether you're at home or on-the-go.

Enjoy peace of mind with our limited two-year warranty with the manufacturer. So go ahead, transform your tresses into luscious spirals with the Conair CD88GNR Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron and CD88JCS Spiral Styler, 3/4" - the ultimate styling tools for salon-worthy curls.
  • 3/4 inch diameter - perfect size for spiralizing
  • 25% longer barrel accommodates longer hair
  • Instant 60-second heat-up for quick styling
  • Uniform Heat Recovery System ensures consistency
  • 25 heat settings cater to all hair types
  • Automatic shutoff guarantees safety
  • Dual voltage makes it travel-friendly
  • Cool tip for safe handling
  • Kick stand allows for easy storage
  • 6' tangle-free swivel cord for convenience

Conair CD88GNR Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron Q&A

How long does it take for the curling iron to heat up?
The Conair CD88GNR heats up in just 60 seconds.
What hair types is this curling iron suitable for?
With 25 heat settings, it's perfect for all hair types.
Is the Conair CD88GNR safe to use?
Yes, it features an automatic shutoff for added safety.
Can I use this curling iron while traveling?
Absolutely! It has dual voltage for worldwide use.
How does the Uniform Heat Recovery System benefit me?
It provides fast and even results every time you use the curling iron.
What is the size of the spiral barrel?
The spiral barrel is 3/4 inch in diameter.
How long is the warranty on the Conair CD88GNR?
It comes with a limited two-year warranty from the manufacturer.
Is the cord easy to manage?
Yes, it features a 6' tangle-free swivel cord.
Are there any safety features for handling?
The curling iron comes with a cool tip for safe handling.
How can I store the curling iron when not in use?
It has a kick stand for easy storage when not in use.

Transform Your Look with Conair Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron

Elevate your hair game with the Conair CD88GNR Ceramic Spiral Barrel Curling Iron, designed for creating perfect spiral curls with ease.

Wave goodbye to bad hair days with the Conair CD88JCS Spiral Styler – an essential tool for styling those long-lasting, gorgeous spirals.

Never waste time waiting for your curling iron to heat up again, thanks to the Conair CD88GNR's instant 60-second heat-up feature.

Experience consistent results with the Uniform Heat Recovery System, ensuring fast and even spirals every time you use the Conair CD88JCS Spiral Styler.

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