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  • Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 60c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack
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Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 60c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack

by Univen Item #: TH-TF60C-10PK
Ensure Safety and Prevent Overheating with Thermal Cutoff Limiters
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This 10 pack offers you the security you need, ensuring your devices are safeguarded from potential electrical hazards, overheat, and damage.

Our thermal fuse 60c functions as an essential safety mechanism, also known as a temperature switch, thermal cutout, or temperature fuse, making it a versatile and valuable addition to your arsenal of protective measures. The robust design of these fuses can withstand and interrupt electrical flow at 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, offering you the perfect blend of durability and compatibility.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your appliances and devices are protected by our top-of-the-line Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter. Don't compromise on safety and performance; invest in our 10 pack today and enjoy the benefits of a secure and efficient safeguarding system for your valuable electronic devices.
  • High-quality thermal protection for your devices
  • 60c temperature rating ensures safe operation
  • Fits a wide range of appliances and electronics
  • 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V ratings
  • Also known as thermal cut off, temperature switch, etc.
  • Versatile and reliable thermal fuses
  • 10 pack for added value and convenience

Thermal Fuse Thermal Cutoff Limiter 60c Degrees Celsius, 10 Pack Q&A

What devices can benefit from these Thermal Fuses?
Many appliances and electronic devices can benefit from these fuses, such as microwaves, coffee makers, and space heaters.
Is this Thermal Fuse pack cost-effective?
Yes, this 10 pack provides a great value and ensures you have enough fuses on hand for multiple devices.
Do these fuses require professional installation?
It's recommended to consult your device's manual or a professional for installation instructions and assistance.
Can these fuses help prevent fire hazards?
Yes, by preventing overheating, these fuses can help reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by electronic devices and appliances.
Are these fuses reusable after they have been triggered?
No, thermal fuses are designed to fully break the circuit once triggered and therefore cannot be reused.
Will these fuses fit my toaster oven?
These fuses are designed to fit a wide range of appliances, but it's best to consult your toaster oven's manual or manufacturer for compatibility information.
Are these fuses manufactured by Univen?
Yes, these thermal fuses are produced by Univen, known for their reliable appliance parts and accessories.
How can I determine if my device requires a 60c Thermal Fuse?
Check the specifications or manual of your device, or consult the manufacturer for the correct thermal fuse temperature rating.
What is the purpose of a thermal fuse?
A thermal fuse is designed to protect your device by cutting off the circuit when the temperature reaches a specified limit, preventing overheating.
Do these thermal cutoff limiters meet industry standards?
Yes, these fuses are compliant with industry standards for thermal protection devices.

60c Thermal Fuses: Protect Your Electronic Devices from Overheating

These 60c Thermal Fuses provide optimal protection for your appliances and electronic devices, ensuring safety from overheating and other potential hazards. Designed to fit a wide range of equipment, these versatile fuses are an essential component for reliable operation. Invest in this 10 pack and gain peace of mind knowing your devices are secure.

Commonly known as thermal cut offs, temperature switches, or temperature fuses, these 60c Thermal Fuses are an invaluable safety measure for any electronic device. With a rating of 15A at 120V and 10A at 250V, they offer excellent protection for a variety of voltage requirements. Don't risk damaged equipment or hazardous malfunctions – secure your devices with high-quality thermal cutoff limiters.

Univen's 10 pack of 60c Thermal Fuses provides the perfect solution for maintaining safe operation of your appliances and electronic devices. Versatile and dependable, these fuses ensure that your equipment remains protected from dangerous overheating, preventing expensive damage and potential hazards.

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