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  • Univen Blender Gasket Seal fits Black and Decker Blenders 09146-1
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Univen Blender Gasket Seal fits Black and Decker Blenders 09146-1

by Univen Item #: UV-86052
Enhance Your Blender's Performance with Univen Gasket Seal
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Engineered for optimal performance, this rubber o-ring gasket seal ensures a tight, secure fit, preventing leaks and spills while blending your favorite concoctions.

Bid farewell to messy, unreliable blending, as the Univen 86052 gasket seal sits snugly between the top of the blade and the bottom of the jar. With its precise measurements of 2.15" (54.6mm) inside diameter and 2.83" (72mm) outside diameter, this replacement part is all you need for a seamless blending experience.

Compatible with numerous Black & Decker blender models, including BLC10650H, BLC10650HB, BLC10650MB, BLC12600B, BLC12650H, BLC12650HB, BLC12650HM, BLC12750HM, BLC12750HMS, BLC18750DB, BLC18750DBC, BLC18750DMB, BLC18750DMS, BLC18750DMSC, BLP14750TDC, BLP2600W, BLP4600C, BLP7600BDC, FP2620S, FP2630SC, and FP2650S.

Invest in the Univen Blender Gasket Seal for a worry-free blending experience, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you've chosen a dependable, high-quality product that will elevate your culinary adventures. Don't let worn-out or ill-fitting seals hold you back – blend with confidence and create delicious, perfectly mixed creations every time.
  • Common replacement part for Black and Decker blenders
  • Ensures leak-free blending
  • Optimized performance and durability
  • Easy to install
  • Fits a variety of blender models
  • Budget-friendly alternative to replacing the entire blender
  • High-quality rubber material for long-lasting use
  • One seal needed per blender

Univen Blender Gasket Seal fits Black and Decker Blenders 09146-1 Q&A

Does the Univen gasket seal fit all Black and Decker blenders?
It fits multiple models, check specific compatibility before purchase.
Is it easy to install the Univen Gasket Seal to my blender?
Yes, the gasket seal is straightforward and easy to install.
How many gasket seals will I need per blender?
You will only need one seal per blender.
Will replacing the gasket seal extend the life of my blender?
Yes, a new seal can improve performance and extend its lifespan.
Can I use this gasket seal with other blender brands?
This gasket seal is specifically designed for Black and Decker blenders.
What are the dimensions of the Univen Gasket Seal?
The inside diameter is 2.15" and the outside diameter is 2.83".
Does this gasket seal address leaking issues?
Yes, it helps to prevent leaks and improve the performance of the blender.
Is the Univen Gasket Seal made of durable material?
Yes, it is made of high-quality rubber for long-lasting use.
Can I use this seal on my older Black and Decker blender?
Check compatibility before purchasing, but it fits various older models as well.
Will this gasket seal save me money compared to buying a new blender?
Yes, it's a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a completely new appliance.

Univen Blender Gasket Seal - Perfect Replacement for Black and Decker Blenders

Do away with those leaking blenders using the Univen 86052 rubber o-ring gasket seal, a common replacement part designed specifically for various Black and Decker blender models. Enhance the longevity of your appliance by getting rid of unreliable gaskets and invest in a durable, high-quality seal that ensures smooth blending experiences.

A true kitchen lifesaver, Univen's gasket seal provides a snug fit between the blade and the jar bottom maintaining the efficiency of your Black and Decker blender. With an inside diameter of 2.15" and an outside diameter of 2.83", it's easy to install, granting you more time to enjoy the fruits of your culinary creations.

No need to purchase an entirely new blender, restore the functionality and extend the life of your Black and Decker appliance with the Univen 86052 gasket seal. Designed to fit an array of models, it meets your blending needs and guarantees worry-free operation for a fraction of the cost.

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